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Comment Re:PDAs and Smart Phones (Score 1) 92

>Why should the EU be funding research for the corporate world?

Put simply - it shouldn't. The EU isn't capable of administering this kind of project and the money is typically wasted. I was the lead technical architect for a similar EU project that delivered jack shit in the end in spite of my best efforts. About 10-15 million euros spent on that one. The majority of the money spent on "project managers" and "business analysts" who were in fact neither.

Imagine a _very_ expensive restaurant in Venice with 30+ representatives (with their husbands/wives, flown from around Europe business class of course) from 15 public and private sector organisations from around Europe. I don't need to imagine it, I was there. And it was repeated many times over as the project roadshow travelled around Europe over a 2 year period. In my experience, that is where 90% of the research budget on this kind of project goes. Down bureaucrats throats. I used to be pro EU until I saw where the money went.

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