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Comment skype is good. asterisk is better (Score 1) 286

... nice.... but not great

i'd rather have an asterisk version that runs on my mobile device.
i would love to be able to program dialplans on my mobile...

1. some cron-job that checks if my sim is inserted. and if not it writes a call file that makes the phone call expensive 0190-... numbers (these are the 2-5€/min lines in germany)
i know it doesn't bring me my phone back but at least i can have a little revenge and i hope by the time the thief realizes this he has a phone bill of 2000€ or more (and gained a 200€ mobile)

2. some time & phone number check (i hate it when my boss calls me in the early morning, he and a lot of other inbound numbers should be redirected to some voice recongnation system). i know a lot of phones have some grouping of numbers and the ability to set only some numbers to mute, but it's just not adaptable enough.

Comment Re:Shouldn't Software Houses Be Held Accountable? (Score 2, Interesting) 66

My heart tells me to bash MS, too.
But in this case..... heres my login message:

"Debian GNU/Linux comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, to the extent
permitted by applicable law."

So in this case Debian(and i think this is true for most linux distributions) is similar to windows.
Please note that i refer to the notice, that it's not responsible and NOT to the actual amount of security issues.

Comment just out of curiosity (Score 1) 90

what about taking counter measures like producing senseless traffic? most people (at least the kind of ppl i know) do have a 6-16mbit connection. it shouldnt be too hard to script a spider that just gets page after page from random servers. or to avoid punishing innocent hosters with useless traffic just let it get pages from the isps using phorm.

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