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Comment Re:OS/2 to be ported to AMD's ARM... (Score 1) 42

Yup, alas. The best things it still has are the object-oriented Workplace Shell and the patented "highlight everything I mouse over" (rather than a box lasso) technique, and I'm thinking the patent on the latter is nearing its expiration. Unfortunately, a lot of WPS code was Microsoft's, so it'll never see the light of day.

Comment Re:Visual Studio + g++ || Clang (Score 1) 889

No, Microsoft supposedly licensed Spyglass with a promise to pay them for every copy of their derived software (IE) it sold. Then, as of IE 2 or 3 (IE 1 was bundled with the Windows 95 Plus Pack, a retail product, and I think IE 2 was Windows NT only), they went to a free distribution model which meant Spyglass got nothing else from them, and were left with an unsellable product (since their competition was free) to boot. I've never heard what the terms were surrounding the Sybase deal, but I do know that Microsoft has never been in the habit of giving unrestricted licenses to SQL Server away.

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