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Comment Re:Best Distro to try this new KDE with? (Score 1) 212

I've used openSuse for 3 years - from kde 3.5 -> 4.2 till now. Just got a Sandy Bridge laptop with an i7 and Kubuntu is the only distro that runs acceptable, but as soon as suse 12.1 is out, I'm switching back. there's no comparison in the professionalism of these 2 distros. Maybe it's more a being used to, but everyday I have points that irk me about kubuntu. The only other distro I would like to try some is Fedora, but there KDE is not the default, so have lower hopes for it being as good as openSuse.

Submission + - MPAA threatens to disconnect Google from the Inter (

markdueck writes: Good luck MPAA!
Over the last few months, Google has received more than 100 copyright infringement warnings from MPAA-affiliated movies studios: most are directed at users of Google's public Wi-Fi service but others are meant for Google employees. The MPAA is thus warning the search giant that it might get disconnected from the Internet.

Comment 2 of them crashed here (Score 4, Interesting) 68

I don't see other posts about this but they had 2 of those Hummingbirds here. Both were equipped with some new radar technology that is able to 'look' through canopy and see people. - The oval shaped box underneath the bird is the radar. It rotates to be perpendicular during flight. The point was to test the radar and also the bird at the same time. It's supposed to be quite enough for 'bad guys' not to hear it when it's flying at 10,000 feet. Belize was chosen for the testing because of the ideal canopy we have here. Word on the street is that the first one crashed because it ran out of fuel.

Comment Are auto makers and oil companies in cahoots? (Score 1) 233

I have heard of several instances where someone bought a brand new vehicle and they got very good mileage. I full size truck doing around 40 mpg. The owner gets a call from the manufacturer and they say there's a problem with his truck and he needs to bring it in. He brings it in, and since then the truck does normal mileage - around 17-19. Has anyone else heard of this, or experienced it?

Comment Video Conversions in Linux (Score 1) 128

-- slightly off topic I have not done video editing, but I did do a full week of video recording and converting to DVD. I did everything in linux, and beat my friend who was using Windows hands down. Any windows video conversions took hours, but ffmpeg did conversions almost as fast as disk would allow. I discovered Handbrake after I did all this, so maybe Handbrake on Windows would be similar.

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