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Comment Re:Dumb. (Score 1) 341

or they could allow the F-22 to be sold abroad - OR EVEN JUST WITHIN NORAD - where it would be a far better fit for Canada's Arctic Patrol requirement than the single engine F-35 - after all that's what USAF themselves fly out of Alaska to intercept pesky Russian varmints flying too close to Sarah Palin's house. (Although RCAF would probably want a probe and drogue refuel which would complicate matters)

Comment Physical keyboard (Score 1) 505

Nokia are still "gauging demand"

That's nice. We might be deploying Nokias if they actually just got off their ass and made some, but instead we'll continue to wait on Blackberry Q10 as the only other enterprise ready device with a physical keyboard, which is what our USERS want.

Comment Jim Balsillie (Score 1) 114

From the Summary: This has to be seen as a massive vote of 'no confidence' from someone who was on the inside long enough to know what's going on in the company."

The guy who was desperately trying to buy an NHL franchise while Blackberry were spinning its wheels in the face of Android and iPhone? Yeah, that guy knew what was going on all right.

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