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Submission + - The Books Programmers Don't Read (itworld.com)

itwbennett writes: "You know those must-read programming books? Turns out most of you haven't actually read them. Skimmed, maybe. Been assigned sections in college courses, sure. Programming blogger Bill the Lizard calls you out, with a plea to 'stop recommending books to others that you haven't read yourself'. What books are on your 'haven't read it, lied about it' list?"

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: How to make sense of legacy code?

bbalt writes: I've been recently put in change of a small team that must take over code developed over the last 7-8 years, make sense of it and be able to debug it if necessary (VS2010). I am facing some tens of thousands of lines of C/C++ code, not always readable, not documented but somewhat modular.
What is the best way to handle such a monster in the shortest time possible and make it maintainable for the future? Are there any tools that could speed up the work?

Submission + - How the size of West Virginia compares to the Universe (go.com)

Sam_In_The_Hills writes: A 14 year old California student with the help of his twin brother has created a flash animation that zooms from the Planck Length out to the known universe. Simply amazing to watch and contemplate.
OK it's really about the scale of everything in the universe but since I live in West Virginia and it makes an appearance I had to mention it.


'u' — the First Authentic Klingon Opera On Earth 165

j0ris writes "The Klingon are passionate opera-lovers, but little is known about their highly evolved form of musical expression. Floris Schonfeld is the initiator and director of 'u', the first authentic Klingon opera on earth. He studied Klingon music theory for over a year, and together with several experts developed various indigenous Klingon instruments. The Terran Klingon Research Ensemble has been set up to further develop a coherent Klingon musical practice amongst human musicians. 'u' premieres on September 9 in The Hague, Netherlands. An invitation by Klingon language expert Marc Okrand has been sent to Kronos, home planet of the Klingons, via radio telescope."

Submission + - Plastic artificial bone (rutgers.edu)

pnosker writes: "Researchers at Rutgers University have found a way to create artificial bone using a blend of usually immiscible plastics, both bio-compatible, where one plastic is dissolved and excreted creating an empty sponge-like region for natural bone to grow and a lattice of PMMA plastic for the growth to occur. The new material is undergoing further study and testing."

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