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Comment Re:KIM-1 (Score 1) 857

Likewise. I'd been programming in BASIC/FORTRAN/ASM,etc for several years on PDP-11s and others, but the KIM-1 was the first one that was mine. Handwrapped a 44-pin backplane for some home-built expansion cards. That little thing really taught me the value of tight, efficient code.

I still have it in the garage.

Comment Re:Uh, the same way it's always done? (Score 4, Insightful) 124

Those entities are regulated, and generally must use certified measuring devices. And there's always a theoretical appeal to a state agency if there's a dispute.

Comcast has no oversight of their usage billing, and a financial incentive to cheat a bit.

Look at it this way - from Comcast's point of view, there's no problem. One account went over, another went under by the same amount. They averaged out, and there was balance in the Force (or at least their billing system).

Now go back to your TV and stop complaining!

Comment Sad, but it's not the only such museum (Score 1) 68

There's a very nice telephone museum (with lots of working switch gear) in Seattle. And another little one in the (very) rural town of Cle Elum, WA. And probably lots more scattered around the country. I suspect that these smalls town are where the old Strowgers, crossbars, and crank phones retire to. Then the townsfolk build museums around them when they finally die :-)

Comment There's at least one clear takeaway from this... (Score 0) 83

Azure doesn't scale. The load placed on if by redirecting the domains was probably far less than the surge that a suddenly-popular web host might encounter, yet it failed miserably.

Microsoft might not have to pay any monetary damages for the havok they caused, but they might get a hit to their pocketbooks anyway.

People looking to move their operations to the "cloud" would do well to look at this performance, and consider what might happen to *their* traffic...

Comment Re:Illegal and Dangerous? (Score 1) 200

This is entirely correct. I fire up to 3" shells (licensed), and those things are *heavy* for their size. They'll go right through your little drone without slowing much if at all. And they won't burst early - that requires fusing, not contact. Low bursts are due to faulty internal fuses, not hitting something. Once the shell bursts, the debris is mostly paper and maybe little bits of clay material. Probably not going to bring down a drone big enough to carry a GoPro.

Now, if you're flying a Predator over my show, we might have an issue. But that's what 6" shells are for...:-)

Comment Re:Obligatory link of love (Score 1) 146

Sigh. I still have my 1st edition copy, slightly worn. It took 4 of us in high school to type in sections of that Star Trek game (110 baud ASR-33, acoustic coupler). But then we played it until they banned the game due to excessive paper use :-) The advent of CRT terminals a few years later was greeted like the 2nd Coming...

The book itself was banned in a number of school computer centers (well, the few schools that *had* computers at the time). Including the one at SPC, where a certain kid named Gates learned BASIC (via dial-up). I got mine from the local DEC rep, who swore me to secrecy.

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