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Comment It's fine until someone has an allergic reaction (Score 1) 189

and goes into shock and maybe dies from exposure to the chemical. It might be the thief or an innocent bystander. Or maybe someone reacts to the chemical and backs away into oncoming traffic and gets hit by a truck. This is no different than booby-trapping your house with a shotgun pointed at the door. It won't stand up in court. The company making the lock, the principals of the company, and the person who put the lock on their bike will all be sued and probably jailed.

Comment I don't get Apple stuff and their fans (Score 1) 292

My wife gets a new iPhone every two years when her contract is up. From day one she is carrying a charger around with her and plugs the phone in every time she gets into a car. Is it just her or does everyone with an iPhone carry a backup battery or charger around? Why do people keep buying this stuff?

Comment Re:A glass lathe? (Score 1) 275

Second lesson: don't believe everything you read posted by anonymous cowards...

Metal vacuum tubes have a glass vacuum tube enclosed by a metal cover. The tube itself is not metal. Glass vacuum tubes are connected to vacuum pumps and sealed off. The getter is there to pick up "stuff" that boils off the filament and out of the other metal parts in the tube, it does not create the vacuum.

Comment I'm not a tube fan, but electrostatics? Sure! (Score 1) 275

Electrostatic speakers/phones aren't especially hard to make, but sourcing the materials can be difficult. You need ultra thin polyester film for the diaphragms, and some sort of weakly conductive coating (Licron or similar antistatic spray works well). You also need a method of stretching the diaphragm film tight and then gluing it while stretched. I invented a pneumatic stretcher almost 30 years ago when I was into all this stuff. 4693H contact adhesive will stick to the polyester (not much else will)...

Have at it:

Comment Re:Making 26 YOs work 80 hour weeks is easier too. (Score 1) 244

My point about "refurbs" was that maybe they aren't really refurbs. Maybe they're a second pricing tier for new vacuums to be sold to the "poor" and cheapskates. Refurbs come with reduced warranty and probably less fancy packaging that makes for a "cheaper" user experience. If they sold as new the people who paid full retail would get pissed off and stop buying them for the premium price.

Comment Re:Making 26 YOs work 80 hour weeks is easier too. (Score 1) 244

I was recently shopping for a vacuum to replace a couple "brand name", upright, bagless machines acquired over the years from Walmart or similar vendors. My two main reasons for replacement were the bagless systems were very dirty- emptying them involved holding it at arm's length over a trash can, taking a deep breath, opening the trap door and dropping the dirt into the trash in a cloud of dust. The other main complaint was the noise. Jeez, those things were awful. I couldn't stand to be in the house when one of them was running. The upright design requires moving the weight of the whole machine while vacuuming- very tiring.

Given the Dyson's reputation for being a premium product, I checked into them. Bagless- ugh! And on-line reviews by both pros and consumers said they were noisy as all get-out. And then there were all those refurbs...

I eventually settled on a Miele C4. It's very quiet, cannister type (much easier to use because you don't have to keep moving the weight of an upright back and forth), uses bags that close themselves up when you take them out of the machine. The air rushing through the nozzles makes more noise than the motor unit. My cats will sit undisturbed while I vacuum until the nozzle is within 1 m of them, then they just move out of the way.

I've been doing a lot more vacuuming since I got the Miele. It is hard to believe it can move as much air as it does an be so quiet.

Comment Making 26 YOs work 80 hour weeks is easier too... (Score 2) 244

Observation: it seems there are more places to buy refurbed Dyson vacuum cleaners and fans than there are places to buy them new. To me that suggests that they have terrible manufacturing and/or design quality, or that Dyson's marketing people have decided to charge a high price to the biters who are willing to buy a "new" Dyson vacuum cleaner or fan, and then sell "refurbs" to the unwashed masses who can't or won't buy a "new" unit.

Whatever is going on, the availability of all those refurbs has left me with an impression of poor quality. No thanks.

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