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Comment Re:Have there been similar studies on the effects (Score 1) 555

I was talking about this specific effect on the brain. Everyone knows that all sorts of studies have found tobacco to be unhealthy in many ways, ditto everything else listed. What I want to know is if this specific effect they see in marijuana is a common effect with other things or is it specific to weed and does it mean anything in terms of long term health?

Comment Wait a minute (Score 1) 139

I have to take the clothes out of the laundry machine and put them into the sorting/folding robot? Shouldn't I just put dirty clothes into the laundry machine and receive sorted/folded clean clothes as the output? Shouldn't I be able to throw a pair of socks into the laundry machine and have it clean it efficiently and hand me back a pair of clean socks a few minutes later? Why do I need to throw a big pile of stuff into a laundry machine?

The need to conserve water, detergent, power etc., forces me to own a lot of clothing so I have something to wear while my dirty laundry piles up until I have a full wash load. If the machine could launder clothes as they are fed in, I would only need two sets of clothes- one to wear and one to process through the laundry. I might even drop to one set of clothing and pajamas if I could launder every night. Such a machine could create a huge change in the way people view clothing ownership/shopping.

There's no need to sort clothes if all you're washing is underwear(1), socks(2), shirt(1), and pants(1).

Comment Maybe not in aggregate, but (Score 1) 540

automation displaces specific people in specific jobs. It happens all the time. Look at the coal miners in W Virginia. If ever there was work that was best automated, drilling and digging coal is it. We can say it's a great thing that fewer people are having to risk their health and lives to dig coal, but that ignores what happens to the people who were doing that. Jobs are created for the people who design, build, and maintain the coal mining robots, but that doesn't help the guy who lost his dirty, dangerous job to the robot. You'll see a similar scenario throughout the economy. The displaced workers are unqualified for the new jobs that the technology that displaced them produced. Now they have to educate/retrain for one of those new jobs, but a lot of them can't do that. The coal mining robots probably weren't designed or built in W Virginia. Where do they go for retraining and what do their families eat while the breadwinner is being retrained? Can he(she) switch to some other work, maybe repairing cars? Cutting hair? Maybe. Maybe not.

There are a lot of specific people who have already lost jobs to automation. Ignoring them is how we ended up with a Chump in the White House.

Comment Don't try to present facts to Trump or the GOP (Score 3, Insightful) 302

Objective truth is meaningless. The only facts that matter are political facts- what people can be made to believe. If objective truth forces itself to be recognized, you merely have to explain it the right way to diminish its importance. Perception is all there is.

Comment Re:Drip Coffee? (Score 1) 162

But you see, the marketing departments of the wine and audio companies were already full up with marketers who turned fermented grape juice into something special and mere cables into active hifi components. All the new marketing grads had to go somewhere.

What's next? Socks? Forks and spoons? Bath soap? Dish soap?

Comment Re:Smart move (Score 1) 168

That brings up an interesting point. What sort of investigation into Clinton's email did the FBI do? It seems probable that her staff handled about 99% of Clinton's email. I'm no FBI agent, but it seems to me that if you're investigating Clinton's emails, you'd seize and search her closest aide's computer, and probably all of her staff's computers on the very first day.

This election seems to be about choosing the oligarchy we've been living under or switching to dictatorship...

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