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Comment We're turning back the clock. (Score 0) 297

We going to get coal miners their jobs back in the holes. Nevermind that most lost their jobs to robots because the work is dangerous and dirty, and because burning coal to generate power is too dirty. Hell, we 'muricans love to breathe air that we can see. And don't worry, if you're priced out of the health care you're going to need to treat your black lung- we going to loosen up regs on alternative healers. We'd prefer to invest in digging up more coal than developing alternative, cleaner technologies like wind and solar- we'll leave that to the Europeans and Chinese. Yup, we're making 'murica great again!

We're going to make 'murica the world's car supplier again (again?) by scaling back emissions requirements. But the ROW isn't, so all those new, dirty cars will only be sold in the US and a few other 3rd world countries that love pollution. We could instead get out in front of it by investing more in electric car development, but we prefer the faster, easier approach of pulling pollution control junk out of existing designs because it's easier than developing electric or fuel cell vehicle technology. We're 'muricans, dammit, and that's how we do things.

Now can we please do something to help the families of the buggy whip makers who lost their jobs when Ford invented that damned automobile?

Comment I think the company is just following the trend. (Score 2) 513

In the future, everyone will be an independent contractor with no benefits of any kind. When jobs are stripped of all benefits there's absolutely no advantage to being an employee so everyone will gladly accept the new way of working (or not working).

With the GOP in power, the social safety net will disappear completely, starting with health care.

Enjoy it people. You voted for them.

Comment That's nice, but how loyal are (Score 3, Insightful) 148

the tech companies to the employees? Do they kick you to the curb when the stock drops $2? When you hit your 35th or 40th birthday? Do they collude with other companies to limit your pay and benefits? Will they hire you if your skin is brown? If you are female?

We keep seeing reports on things like worker loyalty but why don't we see the same on company to employee loyalty?

Comment Re:Does virtual GPU support mean that I'll be able (Score 1) 90

Great! I'll give it a try in VMware when the new kernel is released. I have attempted to run CAD in VMware before and failed miserably with the graphics. I don't mind loading a VM with Windows if that's what it takes, I just don't want to be stuck with Windows as my main OS simply because I need it to run CAD.

Comment I post a lot of useful info on 3D printing forums (Score 1) 477

and it is often met with derision. I used to post on G+ 3D printing but gave up after people complained that the solutions I was posting to problems were all too expensive for people to try despite providing links to inexpensive parts sources and demonstrating the principles I espoused with video, photos, and measured data.

Years ago I developed techniques to fabricate electrostatic loudspeakers very inexpensively and was active in DIY audio forums. It became so ridiculous to try to provide useful info against the people who were shouting about cables and magic rocks, polarity of resistors, and other BS, that I finally gave up.

America has been dumbing down for decades and elevating stupidity to high art. We are stupid and we deserve whatever the politicians we elect do to us.

I'm building my 3rd and last 3D printer now and will soon abandon the forums and move on to some other endeavor.

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