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Comment Its not wearing glasses that causes headaches (Score 4, Interesting) 68

It's the forced stereoscopy.... when you project different images into each eye, unless you are sitting only at certain spots in the movie theater, the angle that your eyes will have to converge to fuse the two images into a single 3d image in your visual cortex is unnatural with respect the distance that the visual differences between the two objects conveys to your brain about the apparently distance of what you are seeing.

Holograms would not have this effect, since where you are focusing on when you view a hologram is consistent with where the 3d image actually is supposed to be. The image appears as fully 3 dimensional as would looking at real physical objects on the other side of a pane of clear glass, or looking at things in a mirror.

But I imagine we're still some years away from real holographic movies being a thing.

Comment Re:Headphone Jack is Pretty Crappy (Score 1) 509

Many jacks wear out because the standard audio jack has a moving part - a mechanical switch that allows the device to detect that a jack is plugged in so that the device can "know" to use the headphones for audio output instead of the speakers. This mechanical switch easily could be replaced with an optical sensor that detects when something is plugged into the jack without getting rid of the jack entirely.

Comment Re:get over it (Score 1) 509

By the time floppy drives stopped being standard on computers, not only was alternative and superior technology available, but it was so ubiquitous that including the obsoleted technology served no purpose for most people.

While you can certainly argue that alternative and possibly even superior technologies are available for the headphone jack, they are not so universally used that the headphone jack has already largely fallen out of disuse, as the floppy drive had by the time they had decided to replace it. Maybe that time will come, but we are not there yet.

Comment Re:5' 3" (Score 1) 111

Unless they are clumsy, like me. A typical drop for me of something I am holding usually includes a tumble down a flight or two of stairs, sometimes even going off the side of the stairs onto a lower flight, causing falls of distances that are sometimes over 10 feet. Onto tile. Or concrete. Fortunately, I have a very hearty case that has protected my phone well. I had an Otter case for my old phone for many years, and decided to upgrade earlier this year because my provider offered me a good deal for a new phone that I would not have been able to take advantage of much later. I have a UAG case for my newer phone which has protected it equally well.

I doubt Gorilla Glass would make even a drop of difference.

(see what I did there?)

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