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Submission + - RHEL 7 will be a KDE Desktop

An anonymous reader writes: At the 2013 linux Kernel summit Redhat spokesperson Lisa Truman revealed that the upcoming RHEL 7 will be based on the KDE Software Compilation desktop environment. "As you know we have been working on implementing Gnome 3 classic mode for RHEL 7. But after early feedback from our customers we have decided to switch to a KDE/QT based desktop for our flagship product". On what feedback Redhat received from their customers, Ms. Truman responded: "We at Redhat appreciate that many of our customers use non accelerated or legacy hardware for their workstations, and software rendering with llvmpipe may not fit the bill for them". "Also gnome-classic-mode is an emulation of a classic desktop and is lacking many important areas". When Ms. Truman was asked if the switch to KDE is the reason for the delay in the release of RHEL 7 she stated: "We are still on track to release RHEL 7 by the end of 2013".

Comment Hypocrisy (Score 1) 442

This just confirm how much hypocrisy reign in all USA propaganda pumped foreign policies and explain why NATO is still up and running after 60 years: European people rightly demand to quit NATO, unfortunately invertebrate European governors aren't still prepared to give up this sort of economic/power trading deal. They get what they deserve now.I only hope there's more material to expose how European countries and their trusted Allied (aka Big Brother) work out their businesses.

Comment Re:The Ugly American strikes again (Score 1) 629

(Does it not occur to him that what he said comes across as naive arrogance to non-Americans? Of course not. That's why he's an Ugly American!)

Wasn't a good deal of arrogance and naiveness a prerogative to be a real American citizen? Oh yes and don't forget the conviction to live in the freest country in the world....what's that? Oh yes my drone of the 6.30pm!

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