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Comment Re:Don't DEAL with problems, SOLVE them... (Score 1) 136

What you're saying is, or at least SHOULD be the standard in nuclear power plants (in Europe, dunno about USA NPP:s). The process network has no connections whatsoever to outside, or even to office network. USB-media is strictly forbidden. Mind you, only thing to make sure of this (oversights and carelesness happens) would be filling the usbports of all the computers with polyurethane. And wireless? IT Security will get in a shitstorm-mode even if you mention wireless anywhere else than in visitor network.

Comment Re:Employers usually do a search before hiring. (Score 1) 185

Yes, employers propably do google the possible employee before hiring, but unless you've done (or been accused of) something grandiose, you should be safe.. unless you have very odd name that isn't common.

Now I live in Finland and my full name isn't that common. But as it just happens to be, there lives not one, but two guys who share my FULL name and live in the same part of country too. So if someone ought to google based on my name and location, they would find out that I've been a police chief and also have masters in CS, yay.

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