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Comment Port Scans are normal, stop whining! (Score 4, Informative) 265

Disable the Port-Scanning warning. It is useless! It only drowns really important stuff! Port-Scanning is not an attack. Nothing breaks because of a harmless port scan and an alert does not provide you with ANY useful information. So get rid of this useless piece of software.

Your ISP is doing nothing and rightly so. It would only suck up resources that can be used elsewhere where they make a real difference!
Fighting port scans is like trying to fight people looking out of the car windows! Get over it, ignore it, it's completely normal!

And don't suck up other peoples resources by whinging about it!

Comment Cold Fusion != Rossi (Score 1) 344

That's what many forget: Rossi is not cold fusion and cold fusion is not Rossi!

Just because Rossi is a fraud does not mean that everyone researching on cold fusion is as well.

And just because there are reputable researches working on cold fusion does not mean that Rossi is right.

So stop mixing Rossi (the fraud) with real scientific research done be real scientists! They are completely different issues! There are fraudsters in every field of research. But just because there are some bogus papers does this not makle a whole field unscientific.

The problem with this kind of research is the kind of people it attracts. "Free energy" enthusiast and other quasi religious groups that can be a huge burden on the name of researchers.
I don't have the scientific background to assess the state of LEND or Cold Fusion research. But I think that it is important to research this stuff as long as we do not understand it! So keep ral research going! Don't put the real researchers into to same corner as some fraudsters!

Comment MIT "Study" is garbage (Score 1) 147

Not, that this makes the MarsONE Project any more feasible in this timeframe but the Study is not worth the paper it is printed on!

1. They claim, there is no easy ay to separate Nitrogen from Oxygen (clearly false, there are several ways, easiest and cheapest is with membrane filters)
2. they have not understood, how plants produce O2 (out of CO2, so oxygen levels could only rise if there was a large amount of additional CO2 supplied to the pants in addition to the one produced by humands and microorganisms inside the habitat)
3. They claim (rightly) that low partial pressure of CO2 would make the people suffocate. But they claim, that at the same time there would be fire hazard because of high oxygen levels. But fire hazard is tied to partial pressure as well an not to relative oxigen content of the atmosphere.

Sad, that his paper made so much waves :(

Comment Re:Motive? (Score 4, Informative) 99

The Motive is clear: In today science landscape it's "publish or perish". And if you get published in Science, you're a big star. There are many many papers out there that are using fake data, plagiarizing stuff and so on. It's a game. If you get published, you have won the first round. Maybe someone is able to reproduce the work with some minor tweaks. Than, you're the hero and someone else did your work. And there is still the chance, that no one notices because they are ashamed, because they are ashamed, that they have not been able to reproduce your work. I boldly state that 5% to 10% of published results are not "clean" in one way or another! Only a small percentage of these papers will ever be found. And even after papers are found to be "flawed", sometimes the publisher does not retract it. And even retracted papers still collect citations. The scientific publication system is heavily messed up and play into the hands of a few big publishing houses and some crooks!

Comment Re: not exactly gigabit (Score 5, Insightful) 101

Actually it isn't. By far! 1. On a gigabit wired network you get 1Gbit of transfer speed. There is a very small percentage lost to coding but you get well over 100MB/s (up to about 120MB/s) trough a Gbit connection. If you get slower speeds and don't know why, than start searching for the bottleneck! 2. The 400Mbit to 800MBit in a WLAN is the "wire speed". I've never seen transfer rates that are more than 70% of this. So, I expect to get maybe 56MB/s (which is already quite good) out of "GBit WLAN" while I get 120MB/s out of an Ethernet connection almost all the time. Still impressive how they even reach such speeds! That's engineering at it's best!

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