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Comment It's the economics (Score 2) 145

Prof. Goodenough,

Right now, electric cars are only for the well-to-do. In my rural area, not only do people have to drive long miles, but many of them couldn't afford a new car anyway, let alone an electric one.

Do you envision battery prices becoming down to the point where an electric vehicle can compete with a gas-powered car at the low end of the income scale as well as at the high end?

Comment Love my netbook! (Score 1) 243

I have a Lenovo X131e, that I replaced the HDD with an SSD, that gets more use than my tricked out desktop machine. It runs Win7 x64, is mostly used for browsing, but can handle anything from Word to pro audio just fine. It's not tiny or superlight, but it's just the right size to carry around the house, and it's built like a tank.
A tablet is just an oversized phone, but a netbook is really useful.

Comment A great big "Meh!" (Score 4, Informative) 46

I tried it, but it only finds Google-related accounts. Obviously, since your Google email is all it has to go by.
There's a ton of accounts and subscriptions that I've got that this app knows nothing about.
Why do they assume that all my accounts are necessarily linked to Google?

Less than useful, unless you view the entire internet thru Google, in which case you've got worse problems than a few excessive accounts.

Comment O Slashdot, where is thy sting? (Score 2) 733

There's 2 forums that I read a lot, basically lurk on, and occasionally post. One is Slashdot, and the other is Fark.
I like Slashdot because sometimes some very smart techie people will post interesting insights into techie issues.
Fark, of course, is mostly known for snarky frat-boy humor.
But! I'm embarrassed to say that Slashdot users, whom I gave way too much credit for intelligence, are proving to be trolls, knuckle-draggers, and mouth-breathers of the very worst sort.
Whereas Fark seems to have some very intelligent and balanced conversations about some of the very same subjects, including politics.
Just goes to show, basement-dwellers might know how to hack, but you wouldn't want to hang out with any of them.

Comment Uh-oh (Score 5, Insightful) 148

"Can neither confirm nor deny" doesn't sound good.

What's better than a geo-tracking device every citizen carries that also allows access to phone conversations, texts, and emails?

An audio feed of everything that happens inside the citizen's house, that's what.

Orwell was prescient, but he didn't foresee that his surveillance state would be sold to "consumers" as the latest shiny toy.

Comment Requires an account just for a demo? (Score 1) 54

I don't think so. Why would I give up a bunch of personal data, or alternately jump thru a bunch of anonymizing hoops, just to try your new product (which aside from the gee-whiz factor isn't something that I would use much)?

If they want to suck me in for purposes of peddling my data, they've got to sweeten the bait a little better than that.

Comment What does this have to do with Slashdot? (Score 4, Informative) 832

If the new owners are listening, this is exactly the sort of story that doesn't belong on Slashdot. The technical angle (Twitter?) is minimal, the political content is strong, and most of the commenters have big ugly political axes to grind.

Hopefully this is an aberration. If you just want to post clickbait and stir up outrage, this isn't the site for me.

If, on the other hand, you wanted to talk about the algorithm Twitter uses, or the resources and methods required to enforce Twitter policies, you might have a nerdish angle.

But to ask readers whether or not they approve of Trump on Twitter is trolling, and makes me wonder about your "new" direction.

Comment Good Egg, bad Egg (Score 1) 174

I'm glad for their policy against patent trolls, but I buy from them as little as possible.

Reason? Not prices, not selection, but return policy. Even if you receive a defective item, you have to pay return shipping.

Newegg's excuse? "It's not our fault if the product's defective." Honest, look it up on their site, that's their published excuse.

Well, if I get a defective product from Newegg, it's not my fault either. They can go suck Eggs.

Comment His books never worked for me (Score 2) 105

I've got 4 of his circuit cookbooks. There's precious little explanation of how the circuits work, why particular component values were chosen, etc. If you want to duplicate his circuits, fine, but the books sure don't teach anything about how to design your own. The hand drawn and lettered graphics are cool, but the information content is minimal.

Comment Not a brilliant business model (Score 1) 263

So you've come up with a business model that says you need me to view ads to pay your expenses? Not terribly original as business models go, and most definitely not my problem. Go ahead and block me from your site for refusing to view those ads, I don't have a problem with that. No web site is indispensable.

Wait, you don't want to block me from your web site, you need my page views, but you still want me to feel guilty for blocking ads?

Methinks you haven't thought out that business model very well. Have you tried opening a restaurant where paying for the meal is optional? All you have to do is stand near the exit with a sad face and beg your customers to pay on the way out. Now that one ought to make you a bundle!

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