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Comment Did someone pay you to write The Zenith Angle (Score 1) 60

It stands out in your body of work as a steaming pile of used hay. It was written after your "retirement." I am quite pleased that y's theou've continued to write fiction - Zeitgeist would have been a fine last book, but I've enjoyed almost everything you've written since then. Zenith Angle, however, was a true stinker. After my friends and I read it, we would often smoke and speculate that Someone In Government paid you more than your usual per-word rate to come out of retirement to write some recruiting materials. Which were crap. What's the deal, yo?


Submission + - Armadillo Aerospace Demonstrates LLC Stage 1 (

QuantumG writes: "John Carmack (of Doom fame) and his rocket company Armadillo Aerospace have demonstrated their entry into the X-Prize/NASA Lunar Lander Challenge, first stage, at the Oklahoma Spaceport. Representatives from AST and the X-Prize Cup were present. A 3 minute, 41 second video of the feat has been posted by Carmack to the company's web site in a recent update, where he complains that were the competition not tied to a promotional event later this year, his company could have already claimed the $500,000 prize. The challenge venue will be hosted at this year's X-Prize Cup on October 26-28, 2007, at Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico."

Submission + - Laptops or Starships?

Henry V .009 writes: A Ph.D. physicist friend of mine (whose research has been covered on Slashdot before), wants to know if technology didn't take a wrong turn a few decades ago. In 1950s science fiction the computers of the 21st century were as big as a building — but faster than light drives were easy. Were the imagined worlds of 1950s science fiction better than what we actually got? My friend asks, would you rather live in a world with laptop and desktop computers, or one with interstellar travel?

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