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Submission + - New York State To Motorists: All Your Info Are Belong To Us ( 1

schwit1 writes: Beginning next month, all motorists who wish to travel through the Hugh L. Carey Tunnel or Queens Midtown Tunnel in New York City will have no choice but to hand over their location data to the government. Previously it was possible volunteer this information by way of “EZ Pass,” which motorists can purchase and install in their vehicles. However, those who wished not to utilize “EZ Pass” had the option of paying the old fashioned way, by handing over U.S. currency to attendants.

But now New York State is instituting a brand new “innovation” for these various crossings. No longer will there be any option available for those who’d prefer that the government not indiscriminately collect their data. As of January 2017, anyone traveling these bridges and tunnels will be forced forfeit their information by way of “scanning devices” which indiscriminately suck up the license plate information of every vehicle passing through.

Thus decrees King Cuomo II: “Customers who do not pay their tolls are subject to $50 violation fees, car registration suspensions, and other enforcement actions.”

Nanny-statists gotta nanny-state.

Comment Re:Its too bad.. (Score 1) 357

I am not a fan of professional sports but at least the NFL/NHL/NBA etc. pay their way. Their athletes are well paid and they do not burden the host cities with the cost of their facilities - generally speaking.

Au contrare : The NFL pays no taxes (by law). The stadiums are financed by public bonds, and the teams pay them back at a lower interest than on US Treasury Bonds.

Comment Re:Mommy... (Score 1) 1435

According to , this is a list of _all_ legal pistol owners in those counties. So, if you believe that owning a pistol is a right, under the 2nd amendment (the Supreme Court thinks so:, the paper outed _every_ law abiding pistol owner. If you think this was OK, why not open the DMV database, so people can look up your home address from your license plate (note: that's not allowed to the public in California).

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