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Submission + - Dag Wieers intelligent swipe at Ubuntu (

Nic Doye writes: "Dag Wieers responds to Mark Shuttleworth's recent request to ask major Enterprise Linux distributions to synchronise releases, claiming that it "is no more than a wish to benefit from a lot of work that Novell and Red Hat are already doing in the Enterprise space". He's confessing to playing Devil's Advocate here, but it is an interesting view from someone with a large amount of experience in the Red Hat/Fedora/CentOS space."

Submission + - IBM uninvites MyEclipse to conference (

Nic Doye writes: "Mega-corporation, Big Blue have uninvited small upstart Genuitec — the makers of everyone's favourite commercial flavour of Eclipse, MyEclipse — because of their competing product, MyEclipse Blue. Read MyEclipse' reasonably impartial blog entry on the subject and make up your own mind on the rights and wrongs of this case."

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