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Comment Think Tank Misses a Big One.... (Score 2) 37

Even non-armed or non-weaponized drones could wreak havoc on civilian craft and military aircraft. With a swarm a drones, any plane on takeoff or landing is vulnerable. Helicopters as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?... A swarm of small, low cost drones could act as an effective and hard to detect air shield.

Comment Re:Here's yer free market, telco's (Score 2) 106

Rest assured, the second they perceive Google as a real threat, there will be a bevy of laws passed to obstruct this sort of deal. Just like they've already passed laws in 30 states banning municipal broadband.

Yeah, that's not going to happen in this state, at least with Comcast. We can't even get fluoride in the water, but you could sure as shit bet those laws would be repealed through a voter initiative in the next election cycle.

Comment Digg 2.0....Again (Score 1) 2254

Why can't this site just use the same simplicity as 1.0? The problem with this site, as is the problem with Digg, is that people enjoy the simple instead of the over-engineered. Craigslist? Reddit? Basic is always better. KISS, mao

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