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Comment Re: ... move to a shared, distributed database ... (Score 1) 109

There is a simple way to manage errors. Just issue an update correcting the error. That is one thing and it's perfectly normal. You get by error 1 million dollars to your account, the next second a correction is emitted and the transaction is reverted. As long as there is a history it's fine. But making a transaction disssapear as if it never existed that is a different story...

Comment Re:Envy is one of the seven deadly sins (Score 1) 408

You are so right, I think it doesn't even have to be electrified. With self driving tech soon emerging, probably it's a matter of time until lanes on the highway designated for self piloted cars will appear. There they can drive at higher speed and closer to the car in front, meaning higher capacity on the same highway. And you still have personal freedom, just get off the highway and go where you need to, when you need to.

The same with trucks. Designated lane for self driving trucks can be safer. Can you imagine a truck being able to go 16 hours straight, with the truck driving itself while the driver sleeps? Double road capacity right there with completely existing infrastructure and completely existing costs.

All this without having to build expensive new infrastructure for something that nobody really wants.

By the time self-driving tech becomes good enough, this project will be completely pointless and used for filming a Speed reboot.

Comment Re: Simple (Score 2) 322

Fortunately, the huge majority of the market agrees and as long as Windows 7 is widely used, there will be software support for it. Microsoft thinks they can force people to do anything just because they are Microsoft, but the truth is there is a reason that all ATM's are still running on Windows XP and are still produced with Windows XP embedded. When windows 10 will get the majority share it will mean it will have stabilized and Microsoft came to their senses. Like it was with Vista. They tried for a few years to push users to get it, spend millions, if they could have sold it at gun point they would have. But in the end they just went back and made Windows 7 which worked well. Same with Windows 10. They will push it like crazy for as long as they can, and if it won't work, I can already smell a Windows 11 in the long run, even if they said they gave up that model.

Comment It may not have been their intention... (Score 2) 173

Imagine having an army of idiots precisely mapping with their smartphone GPS's huge areas in countries, virtually for free, on their own time and with their own equipment.

If it wasn't used initially, I am sure after this huge success the black suits have surely contacted nintendo with an offer to access and use all that data. It's not conspiracy theory, it's exactly what happened with Facebook. After it became mainstream and it's potential was noticed, one of the investors is the CIA R&D arm.

It's no secret, the same people who funded face recognition technology startups, license plate recognition, mapping, and who knows what else.

I think it was called IN-Q-Tel or something.

Comment Re:Cue the lawsuits. (Score 1) 443

My computer is usually running 24/7 since it manages some other things.

It's not a problem anymore of course since the first time it happened I took precautions, completely removed the installer, then made it hidden, then installed an utility that deleted all Windows 10 related stuff.

For me it's not a problem. But imagine my boss in his late 60's who is not that tech savy, who just clicked ok, and at 2 AM in the morning installs Windows 10 and everything is different, some drivers don't work properly, etc. A nightmare

Microsoft deserves to be sued by every single person that this happened to.

Comment Re:Cue the lawsuits. (Score 5, Interesting) 443

It's not funny, that's actually what the new Windows 10 Upgrade dialog looks like, happened to me personally.

It just said tomorrow it will upgrade to windows 10, if you don't access this dialog by then, it will go on automatically.
If I was gone over the weekend, as I usually leave my computer on in case I need to remote in, by the time I was back, it would have upgraded without any interaction.

The level of lack of respect from Microsoft is truly incredible.

Comment Gun Control (Score 1) 1144

Before jumping on me, please try to argue with my ideas, and not with me personally. I do not own a gun, I am not even american, but I have visited the US a few times, and I work with americans on a daily basis.

One thing I know, back from when I was a child, was that guns are sort of like nuclear weapons. If you know somebody had a gun, or that there even was the slightest possibility that they had one, criminals would normally avoid them. Usually it was foreign businessmen, or off-duty law enforcement, but by default, the mentality I saw in every stupid ass punk that would try to make a living by stealing.

I don't think the average pro gun confiscation american realizes that even though criminality seems high now, how high it will be if everybody was sure nobody had guns. They keep bringing the Europe argument, but in most large cities in Europe, people don't go out after a certain hour, and it's something relatively normal. Yes, the suburbs are safer, but only because usually they have a dedicated police patrol around the clock (perks of living in rich neighborhoods).

But still, you will never hear on the news about the fact that there were let's say 10 houses broken into this week. It's just not news, and people get the (mistaken) idea that wow how safe it must be there, compared to us where some guy broke into 1 house in a month and got shot.

Think about all the mixed religions, languages, and people who are in the US from all over the world. The average criminal would never risk getting shot for a mere wallet let's say. Of course not, he's not stupid. But where there are no guns, even $50 is well worth the trouble.

Normally what I noticed in that in the US crimes involving guns are incredibly broadcasted on the news for some reason, and I don't mean mass-shootings, I mean some robbery gone wrong, some idiots starting a fight and devolving to guns, and so on. That kinda drives the average person to believe there is a gun problem.

Just my 2 cents, as a non american, I think banning guns would skyrocket petty crimes. I know they exist even now, but still, probably not even close.

I just read today, on the UK motorway, lorry trucks are being robbed and destroyed using knives and rocks, and if you call the police, they won't even show up because it's not a violent crime, it's just stealing, and they will come when they have time to certify the damage and give you a paper you can take to the insurance and that's it.

Comment Re:An easier sollution (Score 2, Interesting) 1144

Because education and common sense are completely relative terms.

Education in Islam = Knowing the quran by heart.
Common sense in Islam = Killing anybody who is not muslim, who is not straight, and in the end who does not agree with Islam.
There is no such thing as common sense/education, it's not measurable and certainly not enforceable.

Comment For people wondering how North Korea got so good i (Score 1) 46

Basically the new leader has the entire country oriented towards computer science. He basically built a small city just for them, with much higher standards of living than the rest of the population. They even have malls, restaurants, taxis, cars, everything. So now every teen has incentive to be good at software as it can be their entire family ticket out of poverty and hunger. He can move his family, and his parents to a free apartment there. Of course it's still very controlled, imagine something like checkpoints with armed guards to bypass if you want to even go in.

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