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Comment Re:Perjury? (Score 2) 412

"Student RSC-0032Q5, you have been penalized 18 EduKarma as you have been found to be in the top 5% in bathroom break time. WARNING: Your EduKarma is critically low. If your EduKarma falls below 25 these gathered statistics will form part of your permanent employment record. SPECIAL SALE: Buy up to 500 EduKarma for 25% off until March 31!"

Also, Repent Harlequin Said The Tick-Tock Man.

Comment Re:From the original article... (Score 2) 305

high school funding is based on attendance

No, the student has to be in class when the morning bell rings or they count as absent, even if they are present in another area of the school. The RFID is to ensure all students in the building are in their classes at first bell, and to capture evidence that this is the case. RFID tags do nothing outside the school building, and do nothing for attendance other than automate the recording of it.

This is being done solely to meet the definition of attendance as specified by the funding program. Operating costs do not go down proportionally with each student that is away - cutting funding based on attendance as a punitive measure on the schools is breathtakingly stupid. How about funding reform as a better solution than chipping each student like cattle?

Comment Re:Too bad... (Score 1) 861

Yep, that's the standard Israeli newsline, alright.

The truth: "Israel was offered a truce; didn't respond; then tacitly agreed to a lull, which appeared to be working, until Israel shattered it with a massive escalation; in self-defence."

Where are you getting your information from? "Isreal" don't real.

Comment Re:and salon (Score 1) 423

Do you really imagine every time utters the "n" word, they actually believe in the superiority of the white race?

There doesn't seem to be any allowance here for reality. I mean, every time we say anything, it's true, accurate and balanced?

Being stupid and socially rude is one thing, and perhaps something to scoff at. But labelling someone as a full-fledged racist because of an online comment beggars belief.

Comment Re:The difference... (Score 1) 387

* Adding it to his private collection of masturbation material
* Posting it on YouTube for everyone to enjoy a good laugh at your expense
* Modify the material and use it for blackmail/extortion/public humiliation
* Worse?

* Oh noes! Someone is jerking off to a picture of me and I don't like that so it must stop!
* See just about every YouTube video, ever.
* If you want to pick your nose and have nobody know about it, do it at home.

People's sensibilities != what is allowable

Comment Re:Socialist agenda on full display tonite (Score 1) 529

cannot come up with a better argument than this: "Well at least he's not Mitt Romney!"

It's the Spoiler Effect that is present in all first-past-the-post systems. You really are throwing your vote away, and the only logical response is to vote for your least-hated candidate. CCPGrey explains it best.

Comment Re:Federal Judges Need to Go Back to School (Score 1) 584

Rights are inherently in all the inhabitants

And unfortunately we cannot all agree on what those rights are. Hence charters and constitutions, to spell them out.

As well, rights are what we agree we have. Rights are no more real than money. It's only because we all decide to act a certain way that we make rights "real."

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