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Comment Re:Am I the only one that... (Score -1) 67

Hi. Treaties can always be modified. Disbanding CTBTO ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... ) would be a good start; but I mentioned this is just my 'dream', I realize it might not be possible during my lifetime. You cannot deny it would be quite an experience however? As for fallout, how did they manage to perform thousands of detonations? There are mitigation measures that can be put in place to reduce side effects. There are different kinds of devices that may be "cleaner" than others, etc.

Comment Am I the only one that... (Score 3, Interesting) 67

...would like to attend a test detonation? My ultimate dream would be to witness, at a safe distance and with the proper danger mitigation procedures in place, a nuclear detonation. I mean an atmospheric one, not underground. They have done *thousands* such tests some decades ago, now that we understand these devices better, it should be much safer.

Comment Seriously, how to remove data effectively (Score 1) 1719

So if I had to "get rid" of data stored on a computer, for whatever reason, I would just dd from /dev/zero directly to the disk devices. Any disadvantage of this technique? Maybe to confuse who is after me I could maybe copy from urandom, but this would probably make an already slow process even slower. On unrelated news, I read (but the article was absolutely not technical and in another language) that they caught somebody hacking his previous office even if he was operating through Tor. What to do then to have effective anonymity online when looking for info or even interacting?

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