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Comment Re:A suggestion (Score 1) 195

I believe you're completely missing the point. There is a reason these elite players are getting paid more in a year than most people make in their lifetime. Sure the owners and fans want their team to win, but the sport is really for entertainment purposes. These players are on a different level than your typical person because no one cares if a player from the local intramural team has an affair. Look at US soccer where the national interest isn't that high and then note that there is a chance that I make more than some of the players on the team. Popular sport have created a scarce commodity and have driven up the cost of the sport from tickets to merchandise to advertising. If he doesn't like the attention he should give up his paycheck, go play for a no name team and then find a side job to try and pay the bills.

Submission + - iPhone 4 jailbreak app goes live (

mano the shark writes: "An iPhone utility that lets iPhone 4 owners run non-Apple approved applications, has been released. Jailbreakme 2.0 works on all iPhones and iPod touches running iOS4, its developers say. However, there are reports that iPhone owners are losing FaceTime and multimedia messaging services, as well as problems for iPad users. The utility was launched a week after US regulators announced it was lawful to hack or jailbreak an iPhone."

The story later states that Apple released a statement last week: "As we've said before, the vast majority of customers do not jailbreak their iPhones as this can violate the warranty and can cause the iPhone to become unstable and not work reliably."

Comment Article is very low on details (Score 2, Interesting) 172

The article gives almost no information about what the funding is used for other than: renewable good, fossil fuels bad. If you look at the current renewable power production in the US it is 7% of the total and coincidentally the total funding worldwide for renewable energy is roughly 7.5%. While you can argue about giving more funding to renewable energy, they article gives zero information about what the money is used for. The funding could have been used for implementing cleaner technology on existing power plants (oddly enough they won't disappear overnight no matter how much you want them to). Just this year the EPA passed Boiler MACT II which will require large capital costs to install additional environmental equipment.

If you want to make the largest impact possible to reduct emissions you can't neglect your current power grid.

Comment Re:Easy solution (Score 1) 572

Do you share the burden of liability for malpractice suits when you work with a doctor? Maybe that's why doctors may develop a me against the world attitude because of arguably excessive risk they are exposed when people second guess them when they don't test for everything under the sun.

Comment Re:Well deserved (Score 1) 286

I've had a similar experience with a Comcast service appointment. When I had applied for Comcast internet I provided my work phone number presuming that most business calls would be during the day and I was not allowed to bring my cellphone to the office. After no one showed up during the scheduled time, I called up to find out that they called the listed phone number and if no one answers they cancel the appointment (not explained when I made the appointment). I then made another appointment with my cellphone number added to my account. After no one showed up again, I called Comcast to find out that they had listed the cell phone as a secondary number and only the primary number is available to the technician. I made a third appointment and made sure the cell phone was the primary number, but then later discovered that they entered the wrong area code for my cellphone number even after the service representative verified the number back to me. Fortunately for Comcast they were the only viable internet option in the area and they made their fourth scheduled appointment.

Comment Re:college sports players are same and need be pay (Score 1) 182

One could argue that college sport players not getting paid is what makes it great. They are playing sports for an institution that exists for education/training. Fans follow a college team because they are an alumni, from the area, etc and generally don't switch teams every four years because the next Michael Jordan signed with a rival. College sports allow an individual to develop and if they are good enough move to the professional level where they get paid a lot. If there weren't any professional sports then you might have a case.

I'm sure there are examples of sports where college is the best it gets, but the above argument can only be applied to college football and basketball as those are typically the only programs that generate money and paying a salary is viable.

Facebook Master Password Was "Chuck Norris" 319

I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property writes "A Facebook employee has given a tell-all interview with some very interesting things about Facebook's internals. Especially interesting are all the things relating to Facebook privacy. Basically, you don't have any. Nearly everything you've ever done on the site is recorded into a database. While they fire employees for snooping, more than a few have done it. There's an internal system to let them log into anyone's profile, though they have to be able to defend their reason for doing so. And they used to have a master password that could log into any Facebook profile: 'Chuck Norris.' Bruce Schneier might be jealous of that one."

Comment Re:interest prospect (Score 1) 194

Using 316 stainless steel would not be a wise decision in a seawater environment. Chlorides lead to stress corrosion cracking (SCC) in austenitic stainless steel and types 304 and 316 are especially susceptible to SCC. You could try a higher alloy such as 310 or 314, but are better off staying away from austenitic stainless steel.

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