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Comment I remember the new flash (Score 1) 87

I was 15 years old, watching TV (I think it happened on a weekend day) when they "interrupted this program." I remember it was just a typed graphic saying that an an astronaut had been injured in a fire. I am pretty sure they first announcement didn't say they had died. Shortly after that there was actual new reporting and we found out the 3 had died. It was very sad, because the astronauts were well known (Grissom was the bad luck astronaut who had lost his Mercury capsule when it sank into the ocean, and White had done the first space walk, which I listened to on the radio live. Chaffee was the rookie). Yet somehow, since it didn't occur in space, and given the enthusiasm for the space program at the time, it didn't seem to slow things down that much. If the astronauts had died in space, like with Challenger, I get the feeling we would not have made the decade-deadline to the moon that Kennedy promised. Overall, when you look at the decade of the 60s, when we went from suborbital flight to landing on the moon, all without the benefit of the computation power we have today, it is just astonishing what was accomplished. To wax a little poetic, back then we walked around looking up at the stars. Today we walk around bent over our cell phones. Oh well.

Comment Re:5.8 million of those offering less than 3Mbps: (Score 1) 209

I live within 20 miles of downtown Denver and have as my fastest option 3 Mbps DSL from CenturyLink. About 6 years ago we were upgraded from 1.5 to 3 Mbps. This pathetic situation has remained the same over the approximately the past 20 years despite letters of complaint to CenturyLink and the FCC. I have no other options other than slower and data-capped services like satellite or cell service. I don't live in "the country." CenturyLink has no plans to upgrade the service in the immediate future. They have a monopoly in our neighborhood and charge broadband prices for non-broadband service. There is no cable in our neighborhood, so again, no reasonable alternative. I just wanted to make the point that people with poor internet service don't all live in the middle of Death Valley.

Comment BB vs Ace (Score 1) 99

BB also came out with authorized editions of ERB's Mars and Tarzan books. Ace published a few of them, but not the whole of each series. On the other hand ACE with great Frank Frazetta and Roy Kernkel covers ended up published most of ERB's other books, such as Venus and Pellucidar series, as well as the books not in any particular series (e.g. The Mad King, Beyond the Farthest Star). The argument as been made that if ACE had not published LOTR, stirring up controversy, the series would not have made such a big splash in the 60s. Those of us who grew up in the 60s have to be thankful to both Ballantine and ACE's Donald Wolheim for publishing great science fiction and fantasy.

Comment Re:Not quite a monopoly (Score 1) 97

I am in Parker, 20 miles from Denver center, and the best Internet I can get is 1.5 Mbps through CenturyLink. Comcast is not even an option as there are no cable lines here. I have contacted CenturyLink (and the FCC) and there are no plans to upgrade. We have been stuck with the same slow speeds for the last decade. It sucks.

Comment I went to Dartmouth at that time (Score 1) 146

I was there starting in 1969. Went to the Kiewit computing center there all the time. There was a BASIC program called DATE which was kind of a whacky psychoanalysis program in which you typed questions and it answered them humorously. It was called DATE because you would bring your date there (though women were few and far between at Dartmouth then) to impress them. I took some math classes from Tom Kurtz. Super nice guy. Saw Kemeny around a lot too. Those were good days.

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