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Comment asd (Score 1) 64

Like most things, a neat concept and even a clever implementation but the end result (the sound produced by playing the record manually) is jibberish. Before they played the song proper I couldnt even discern what the sound was. But at least you can play the record on a real turntable which, what, 1 in 10,000 households have in 2011.

Here we go again with people trying to be kewl with this kind of crap. Just send a piece of paper that says date / time / location and spend the extra money on having your reception and ceremony at the same place instead of making people drive and wait between the two.

Comment Ugh (Score 2) 71

"The growth of free social networking websites like Facebook or Twitter can be credited for the exponential rise in the number of so-called SNOW accounts. Where before, virtual worlds were the realm of paid-for subscription-based gaming services like World of Warcraft, the pervasiveness and ease of access of the newcomers means that more people are creating accounts online than ever before."

Comparing a website to a 3d persistent game world is beyond dumb. While both have a social interactivity component, they are completely different animals and experiences, their only commonality being that they are online.

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