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Comment Re:Totally! Journalists should... (Score 1) 778

Ulterior motives are bad? Do you work to make a living? Do you put some money in the bank and hope to ear some interest? You would be doing bad things everyday if ulterior motives were bad. And following your own logic, since you obviously want us to believe that "ulterior motives are bad," are we to deduce that you had little incentive to address good arguments against your position? Hence your argument above was incomplete and imbalanced?

Comment Re:Glorious Leader has truly given us a blessing (Score 1) 316

The people of N. Korea are so fucked. I feel sorry for them. One day reality will come crashing down on them like Thor's hammer and either cause mass suicide, violence, or both.

Violence definitely. Not sure about mass suicide. From what I read about, most of them actually know what's going on. They just don't have the means to revolt.

Comment Re:A corporation challenges an entire country? (Score 1) 515

Hold on there Slappy, China hasn't responded yet. They could easily just say "we don't know what you're talking about, don't let the door hit you on the way out". I think we may be overrating how much impact this will have on the Chinese government.

Now, if Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter all followed Google's lead, then we've got something to talk about.

There isn't much probably for youtube, facebook, and twitter to follow - they are already blocked.

Comment Re:Seriously, FUCK China (Score 1) 515

the idea that the US is more democratic or "free" than other countries is total bullshit. take for example, the fact that until some 40 years ago, you had second class citizens based on the color of their skin, not to mention the fact that you had the largest and most recent slavery based economy in the world.

How does the fact that you used to have to wear a diaper reflect on your current intellectual level?

Comment Re:Thanks Mark (Score 1) 163

I wouldn't be so fast to cry "elitism". Those of us who already know our way around *nix and have tried Ubuntu (or openSuse, PCBSD, etc) have been struck by how crappy our fave OS is once it gets dumbed down with automatic everything. Perhaps it's unavoidable.

I think you are mixing up two different kinds of "dumbing it down". Compared to how some other OS chooses to dumb it down _and_ completely deny the user any access to the "inner mechanics", the way ubuntu (and most other distros to be fair) does it in most cases preserves the choice for manual tweaking. E.g., I never liked the Network Manager, so I simply got rid of it and went back to /etc/network, while still enjoying whatever other features that ubuntu did get right.

Comment Re:Why doesn't Miguel just go to work for Microsof (Score 1) 443

It appearsAlexBirch's point missed you: SharePoint Server replaces several uses of HTTP servers such as IIS, Lighttpd, and Apache. The idea is to switch the intranet from web apps to SharePoint and reserve the web servers for customer-facing sites.

So does wiki, but then I don't see anybody claim wiki being "the silent Apache HTTPD killer."

Comment Re:bra that converts gas masks could be useful (Score 2, Funny) 123

(looks left and sees a woman with D-sized chest) (looks right and sees a woman with B-sized chest) (turn back to the left) - Pardon madam, may I borrow one of your cups as a mask. Thank you. Cup size matters.

(On the other hand...) yeah, sorry madam, I appreciate you trying to help, but I've got a C-cup face.

Comment Re:From the license... (Score 2, Funny) 419

why would it not be a commericially viable product?

also if they just stuck it out there for anyone to fork off and do what they want with it - then they can quickly remove any chance of it being commericially viable.

It's impressive work - let them share it how they want.

I have a feeling that the Year of the MenuetOS on Desktop is coming soon.

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