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Comment Re:Sanctioned how? (Score 1) 192

It's mentioned quite a lot in the apparently broken website (Works OK on Ubuntu Maverick/FF 3.6.13). "Simple to use, Catholic Church approved" is something of a give away. How is the web site broken, and how come you don't see the approval text? No doubt if it weren't true the mafia will have paid them a visit by now.

Comment Re:They DIDN'T EVEN TRY! (Score 1) 366

Bollocks about the $US100 extra cost. It cost me $US35 more to have it shipped to Australia using a shipping forwarder: Still over $200 cheaper than buying it here. Also, I ordered it on a Thursday and it arrived the next Monday! Thanks Google: I love the N1 too. Very sad when I dropped it in the bath, but not the end of the world (or the 'phone).

Comment Re:Lure of free software? (Score 1) 775

Agreed. If MS really locked their software down, their usual users would be *forced* to look at an alternative, such as Ubuntu. The last thing they want is for people to look at Ubuntu as they would see how much better it is than the expensive, insecure and risky option they previously used. It would be a "Where have you been all my life" moment for most. It's no surprise they have a policy to look the other way.

Comment Re:In United soviet-States, Hot-water cools you. (Score 1) 89

I still remember learning that rooves is the plural of roof. It is quite correct - in English, that is, as opposed to American. The latter has over the past century or so made up their own spelling and called it English. See and I was taught English in Northern Ireland, not Australia.

Comment Re:3 people in 2 don't know math. (Score 1) 1042

They do, as you should know. For others: In Australia, fuel economy is rated in litres per 100KM. Obviously, the lower the number, the better the fuel economy and the difference between two cars in terms of litres saved is obvious. When you go look at a car, a sticker on the windscreen shows you the L/100KM rating (highway, city and average listed).

Marge Simpson Poses For Playboy 413

caffiend666 writes "'Marge Simpson is posing for Playboy . The magazine is giving the star of The Simpsons the star treatment, complete with a data sheet, an interview and a 2-page centerfold. 'We knew that this would really appeal to the 20-something crowd,' said Playboy spokeswoman Theresa Hennessey. Playboy even convinced 7-Eleven to carry the magazine in its 1,200 corporate-owned stores, something the company has only done once before in more than 20 years." Worst issue ever!

Comment Re:ROI (Score 1) 710

I moved into a place (rental) where there were only incandescents. Bought a heap of CFLs (which cost quite a lot) and kept the old ones in a drawer. I suspect the person before me had done the same thing. When I moved out I changed them back. The person who moved in had the option of doing the same, etc. Some of us can't afford to donate a week's rent in light bulbs, but you just don't have to be an arse and leave people with no light. Here (Australia) it's usually written in a contract of sale of the house that the price includes all fixtures such as carpet, so taking things like carpet and bulbs is illegal and the thief can be charged (in reality, they'd deny taking it or give all the crap back). Rentals have to be left in the same condition with normal wear and tear considered ok. Again, if you take light bulbs (even if you had to replace some) you are stealing. Of course, your parents only had to find one box: The one containing the torch :-) I agree with you about the letterbox (or you could set fire to a bag of doorstep crap - mwahahahaaaa).

Comment Re:Well... yeh. (Score 1) 661

I had "swine flu" a few weeks as have most of my colleagues (Melbourne, Australia - work for large, boy-coloured U.S. corporation): How do you know you have had this without seeing a doctor? It was announced last week that 99% of all flu this year in Australia has been swine flu. Also that symptoms are "flu like" but not as bad as a regular flu (that's flu with the body aching and vomiting, as opposed to a head cold which isn't even close). Doctors have said that the regular flu kills more people than swine flu. When I got infected, the medical clinic receptionist said to stay in bed and sleep it off (presumably they had patients who were actually sick to worry about and not a swine flu hypochondriac). Was bed-ridden for 24 hours (slept the whole time) then fine. The only hangover symptom was the need for more than usual amount of sleep for weeks later. Nearly all sufferers have been in Melbourne, and symptoms are usually mild. From what I know, in all previous pandemics the people who caught the first wave usually survived (great plague of 1664-1665, 1918-1919 flu pandemic). Not sure if the increase in fatalities here is that the number of sufferers has increased so much or that the strain is mutating, but getting in early has historically been a good defence. Oh, and yes, everyone who has died here of it has been morbidly obese. Losing weight is easy if you have the right attitude. Everyone in my family's fat except me (but I grew up fat). Carbs are a drug. More accurately they cause a drug (insulin) to be released (to turn the sugar in the blood into fat or energy), which in turn makes you hungry. A good analogy to the addiction is alcohol: If you see that you're drinking more each night and where it's heading, you'd stop drinking for a while. A few days later you don't get the urge to drink. Carbs are the same. Going on a low G.I. diet stops the insulin production and the cravings go away. From experience it's about a week. All of this is well documented, so good luck northern hemisphere: You have a couple of months to lose weight or the swine flu may well kill you.

Comment Re:Bad Math (Score 1) 541

Here in Australia, we get a larger amount back than what we pay for electricity. Also, the government subsidises the installation cost (was $8,000 until a few weeks ago). "In Adelaide electricity is sold to homes at around 18c per unit but purchases are made back at a rate of up to 64c per unit" Source Mine has been ordered. Help the environment and don't pay anything. How does that sound?

Comment Re:The best things in life... (Score 1) 293

Really? So no servers ever run aix, Solaris or HP-UX? Those figures are obviously made up by Ballmer. Every data centre I have seen has 2-5% Windows, Linux (usually about 30%) or Solaris (the rest, less about 2% for others). Just my experience (four data centres over five years). All are in medium to large organisations, and all massively prefer Solaris for reliability.

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