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Submission + - Photoshopped NASA Image? ( 1

mangusman writes: I'm old enough to remember the Apollo missions the first time, and I've never believed for a minute all the conspiracy theorists that the Apollo missions were "faked". However, there was a photo posted on the NASA Image of the Day site ( of Commander John Young on the moon, and the photo clearly looks tampered with, especially at the feet. Am I seeing things? Gawd I hope so.

Comment A la Carte? (Score 1) 256

So here's an idea. Is it too far-fetched to provide the major sections of the NYT (or any major newspaper) on an a la carte basis? For example, I only read the business and sports section and could give a crap about the rest of the newspaper, but as it is, I'm paying for something I'm never going to read.

Comment Performance Much Better (Score 1) 189

There's no question that the performance has increased and pages are rendered much quicker, but it does come at a cost. Memory consumption and memory leaks are STILL a problem. Having said that, Chrome's memory usage isn't much better, and neither is IEs.

Comment Wipe and Reload! (Score 1) 638

Yes, like many here, I too used to troubleshoot/repair friends/relatives computers and it got very old till I decided one day to tell the non-paying customer, "I'll troubleshoot for 15 minutes, and if I can't get it to a previously known good state, I'm going to wipe the hard drive and reload the OS, and ONLY the OS. Do you want me to continue?" Usually the answer was no. I'd recommend they take it to a computer repair shop.

Comment Firefox dying....No Way (Score 1) 236

I use Firefox, Chrome and IE daily, I still can't see what all the hoopla is around Chrome. Yeah, it's a nice browser, but until they support all the extensions that Firefox does, it won't be my go-to browser any time soon. On the other hand, even the latest Firefox beta is still consuming way too much memory for my taste, and now with multiple Firefox plugin containers running (why?), it's somewhat of a sore spot.

Comment Great Company In Its Heyday (Score 1) 172

As a former employee of DEC ('79-'95), I can tell you it was a great company to work for. DEC's overall management philosophy was and is still the standard I measure other managers to, and sadly, most can't even compare. Did Ken Olsen make mistakes? Sure he did. He didn't put a lot value in marketing his products, and it cost him dearly. And DEC *was* building PCs before they were in vogue. But again, they weren't marketed (and really weren't aimed at home users), but the Robin, DECmate, Pro350 were all PCs built before their time. RIP Ken.

Comment SDML (Score 1) 843

Way back in the day (80s and 90s) there was a markup language called SDML (structured document markup language) and was used by large corporations for writing and publishing technical documentation for their enterprise products. Extremely powerful, but like LaTex, had a large learning curve. When the WYSIWYG editors hit the streets, we realized we had nowhere near the control or flexibility of the markup language. I'd like to have that option today to produce white papers and such, but it's not cost-effective any longer.

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