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Comment Re:Javascript: The good parts (Score 1) 575

Bump! I loved this book. I had a working understanding of Javascript when I started reading it (e.g. I knew how to create a function, how to create an "onclick" event handler for a button). By the time I finished it, I had a much deeper, more fundamental understanding of the language.

Comment Loaded words again... (Score 1) 550

The first poll question should just be, "Take them seldom."

The hyphenated addition, "and glad of it" is skews the purpose of the poll. The poll question is not about the person's feelings towards his or her use of prescription medication, but about the frequency of his or her use.

Comment Another poll with loaded words... (Score 1) 840

"Brewed in a mega-factory".

This poll option is badly worded. The word "mega-factory" implies that large-scale beer distributors are of low quality and that anyone who chooses this poll option is also of low quality. This may discourage people who prefer national brands from choosing this option.

A more neutral wording might be "From a national (large-sized) producer".

Comment If you want to keep your bookmarks... (Score 1) 66

If you are an existing Delicious user and want to keep your bookmarks, you must visit the Delicious website and agree to AVOS's terms of service before July (you should have gotten an email telling you about this). If you do not do this, you will loose all your bookmarks when the site is migrated to AVOS's servers in July.

Note that Delicious gives you the ability to export your bookmarks. This is helpful if you do not want to agree to the new terms of service, or just do not want to use Delicious anymore. To do this, click "Settings", then click "Export / Backup Bookmarks".

Comment Re:Ronald Reagan (Score 1) 2288

Don't worry, we don't think the less of you all in the States for it. Well, that's not actually true, we think it's kinda cute and sweet that you have your precious little antique measurement systems - aww, how retro! - but we figure eventually you'll grow out of it and become a proper country.

Haters gonna hate. Write your own word processing software then.

Comment Re:Panic (Score 1) 615

What if it is a conspiracy, but a different one. We as human beings need an Other to focus our attention on, otherwise we tear ourselves apart. But we can't afford to have wars anymore because there comes the risk that somebody will use a nuclear weapon and destroy all life on the planet. Aliens, UFOs, etc are a good way of taking our attention off of ourselves.

Marine Mammals Used To Fight Terrorism 131

pinkstuff writes "The Navy unveiled its terror-fighting marine mammals at a two-day homeland security and disaster preparedness exercise in California this week. From the article: 'A Navy seal — actually a sea lion — took less than a minute to find a fake mine under a pier near San Francisco's AT&T Park. A dolphin quickly located a terrorist lurking in the black water before another sea lion, using a device carried in its mouth, cuffed the pretend saboteur's ankle so authorities could reel him in.' Queue the 'frickin lasers' jokes."

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