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Comment digital upgrade long overdue (Score 1) 445

Desk phones (in small businesses) and home phones are in serious need of a digital upgrade. The copper line is still a major asset in most places for use by DSL so why not upgrade the phone to a digital device which can offer many of the services offered by cheap cell phones such as text messages? Much could be done even without additional power. Options like a wireless hub could be added etc etc. Why do telcos not push this as standard? It would surely make better use of their resources. What am I missing here?


Submission + - Global violence on downward trend? (

mango9 writes: "According to Scientific American a recently published study by Harvard University social scientist Steven Pinker documents a general decline of violence in recent history. Writers of futuristic science fiction take note! Good to have some really positive news. Has many interesting implications, for example regarding contact with other civilisations. There is another brief review in New Yorker — hmmm I guess I should read the book."
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Journal Journal: wow

wow - a journal and nothing in it. They weren't reading my thoughts after all...

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