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Comment Re:Can someone explain the turbine here? (Score 1) 139

I'm not much better educated than yourself, but here's an attempt (which may be wrong):

The higher the pressure a combustion chamber runs at, the more efficient the combustion tends to be, so your rocket goes higher for a given amount of fuel. To get enough fuel into a high pressure chamber you need a good fuel pump. To drive this fuel pump, a gas turbine is used (the resulting fuel pump is called a "turbopump").

Inside the gas turbine, the turbine proper (the spinning fan-thingy at the back) is driven from a combustion chamber (normally different than the main chamber) that uses the same fuel/oxidizer as the main engine (though the plumbing paths/pressures are different). That turbine pressurizes the fuel for use by the main chamber. (Separate turbopumps are used to pressurize fuel and oxidizer)

Did you have a more specific question?

Comment Re:That's what happens when you're offering 1 prod (Score 1) 328

The iMac and Mac Mini are laptops being sold as desktops instead of being engineered to be what they are —desktop products.

I don't see the problem with that, since the iMac + Mac Mini are severely space-constrained, just like a laptop. My AOpen MiniPC from 2009 uses what are, effectively, laptop parts.
If you want to go after Apple, look at their soldering of memory and (especially) SSD parts to the chassis.

Comment Re:Best compiler for Plain Old C... (Score 1) 85

Which compiler is better for Plain Old C?

It depends on what you're trying to do.
As the author of a (crappy) chess engine, if you have a performance-sensitive app, then you just need to build it with both and see which one "wins". In my app's case, clang was a little faster, but YMMV.
Both compilers will sometimes catch warnings that the other won't, so it's a good practice anyway.

In terms of warning/error clarity, clang might be slightly better, but gcc's is perfectly fine (especially if you're used to it). In the rare case that you see an obtuse error from one of them (this happens more often w/C++ obviously) then you build it with the other and hope the error is more decipherable.

Build time wise, I think clang is slightly faster, but if that is a huge deal for you, then you should probably be looking into a dedicated solution (see:meson/ninja, make -j, ElectricAccelerator etc.)

Good luck!

Comment Re:Handing your vote to someone else (Score 1) 2837

>>> You have the right to vote for whoever you like best but you are idiotic for exercising that right in plain denial of the reality of the situation.

Neither major party candidate had enough to offer on the issue(s) I care about. There was a 3rd party candidate who did, and I voted for them in good conscience. For that reason alone, I do not regret it.

If your emphasis is on gaming the system, then let me phrase it in terms you will understand: I live in a non-swing state and would have effectively thrown away my vote on a minority candidate I didn't really like. If less people think like you in the future, and 3rd-party results become strong enough to more prominently affect elections, then perhaps it will send an appropriate message. In the meantime, I am comfortable enough to signal my dissatisfaction with both major party candidates via the most direct legitimate action possible, and I am pleased to make it easier for 3rd parties to obtain funding and get on the ballot in the future. Good luck to you sir.

Comment Re:Ellen Pao (Score 1) 636

I don't know Ms. Pao, besides what I read on her wikipedia article. Nor do I agree with her actions regarding Y Combinator, even though I can't stand Trump and can see her perspective. Anyway:

1) Where are you getting the sexual harrassment thing from? I do see a mention of a gender harrassment lawsuit in her bio.
2) What you said sounds logical at first blush, but if you have sex with somebody, and they later make unwanted sexual advances to you (after it's made clear you're not interested anymore) then that is still sexual harassment is it not?

In short, please clarify? What you're saying doesn't seem accurate.

Comment Re:I believe it (Score 1) 618

To be honest, no, I'm not. But he was pretty open with me about his situation, and I have seen him with weed, and not seen him with other drugs. I also researched it, and from what he described of his use and his symptoms, I had no reason not to believe him. Apparently it's possible to have a bad withdrawal if you're hard-core enough about it.

Comment Re:I believe it (Score 1) 618

I don't know, man. I had a jobless friend who convinced himself it was better to buy a little more weed and avoid going through withdrawal symptoms (he was a *really* heavy smoker) than to save his money for car insurance. He only stopped smoking because he ran out of money. He was about to the point of selling his truck for cash. I helped him out with his bills and food, as we both agreed if he didn't have a working vehicle things would have got much worse for him.

That said, (and here's my point) I don't think you can expect "them" to make rational decisions $5 at a time. I think their general perspective, in their low moments, is "I'm screwed no matter what I do, so I might as well enjoy a little of it". Frankly, when I don't know somebody, and my sole interaction with them is going to be "do I hand this person money or not" I don't usually feel like I'm helping them whether I give or don't.

Comment Re:Only as safe as the sandbox (Score 3, Informative) 167

Java isn't supposed to be able to get out of its sandbox without permission, yet it's the source of many vulnerabilities. Why would we trust Rust to be any safer?

Good question.

My guess is that running untrusted Java code in a trusted Java sandbox has a much larger attack surface than playing untrusted media in a (more or less) trusted Rust app.

The Rust code should still be an improvement, safety-wise, over the current C/C++ solution.
That does not mean the Rust solution will be perfect, and it *definitely* doesn't mean you should download and run untrusted Rust apps!

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