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Comment Or just use ACLU App (Score 1) 318 description: Citizens can hold police accountable in the palms of their hands with "Police Tape," a smartphone application from the ACLU of New Jersey that allows people to securely and discreetly record and store interactions with police, as well as provide legal information about citizens' rights when interacting with the police.

Comment Re:Grow some gonads (Score 1) 214

I can't guess what your definition of stable is, but I can tell you mine. It's based on my experience with 0.22 and 0.23. Stable means my mythbackend service runs 24/7 and hardly ever crashes. If it ever crashes, I have a small cron script that detects it and restarts the service. Mythfrontend gets started once a day and hardly ever crashes (I don't leave it open over night).

Regardless of your or my definition, what counts for a bump in version numbering is what the developers define as stable.

Comment Re:Grow some gonads (Score 2, Informative) 214

Of course the MythTV "marketing department" is looking for ways to get people to use their product, otherwise they wouldn't be releasing at all

Well, not really. If MythTV was a closed source project you could be right. Code gets released by developers because sharing it makes other developers contribute their improvements/fixes back. To have lots of users is nice, but is not in itself the driving motivation to do releases or set a version number.

And part of having a sensible versioning scheme is to make users understand what it means to upgrade to a new release.

No, that's what release notes are for. A version numbers have so many meanings and uses, that it can't be pinned down like that. The version number you seem to suggest is something like Windows 3.1, but even Microsoft has changed that to product names like Windows 98 or Office 2003. The version number used by MythTV just reflects that the developers deem it stable for production environments AND that they will backport some fixes while developing the next version. To sum it up: 0.23 just states that the code is stable.

If you need a marketing name for this version that includes every information you might need to know, I suggest this one: "iMythTV Premium 2010 (Service Pack 0)"

Comment Re:Grow some gonads (Score 4, Informative) 214

Does it really matter to you that much what number the version has? The versioning in MythTV is just a rolling number stating a stable release. It does not state that it is beta or unstable or anything else. If it makes you happy call it 9.10 or 1.0 for all it matters.

0.23 = Stable version as of 10th of May 2010.
0.23-fixes = Stable version + all backported fixes as of the moment you download the code from svn.

Comment Re:For all the indignation ... (Score 1) 1671

What is your argument? What are you implying?

Civilians died unnecessarily in Kosovo, that is a fact. Civilians being killed in one ware is just as unnecessary as in any other.I remember quiet clearly that the Kosovo war was very controversial in Germany. I personally was very upset with the civilian casualties that resulted due to the war. I clearly remember that the media did report and comment harshly on the linked civilian deaths, but it seems that both the press and NATO did take it as seriously. As an example read is this report:,,HRW,,SRB,,3ae6a86b0,0.html

>What goes around comes around.
A very productive way of dealing with the issue at hand.

Comment Re:It's not Canada who screwed up this time, but (Score 1) 227

I am not sure if to agree with you or not. Maybe I don't get your definition of "sketchy". In Germany you basically are protected by the constitution, similar to the US version. But (there is always a but) history has left its mark. There is one big exception to freedom of speech in Germany due to the second world war: Holocaust Denial and Volksverhetzung (incitement of aggression against a group of people), both not allowed. I can follow why those exceptions where put in in Germany, even if I don't like them, being a freedom of speech purist myself. But I am pretty sure that the Canadian issue at hand has nothing to do with German law.

Comment Re:How do I comply? (Score 2, Informative) 309

There are probably better informed people on Slashdot than me on this topic. As far as I know you only need to provide a document with your hardware, that states that you are using GPLed software in your product and that if your customer so wishes, you would gladly provide the source code upon request. I personally prefer when companies, regardless of the size/relevance of their changes to the software, post these on their website. It just feels more "community" like, which is also a nice way of marketing your company to open source friendly customers.

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