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Comment Re:XBox One (Score 1) 73

Better graphics

Not according to Digital Foundry. Compared to XB1/XB1S, PS4/Pro has consistently better graphics.

..better price..

I'll give you that, if only because MS is discounting their console a lot on a lot of different occasions, seemingly due to their comparative lack of success against the PS4.

..better selection

Entirely subjective.

Comment Re: Apple is truly Republican-ruled (Score 1) 109

Seagate did that to me. They claimed the warranty started when the drive was made instead of when I bought it. Sad to see Apple pulling the same crap.

Wait, what?!? They can do that?

How are we supposed to know when buying when a drive was manufactured? This sounds downright illegal.

Submission + - The United States just might be Iran's favorite new nuclear supplier (thebulletin.org)

Lasrick writes: Nick Gillard from Project Alpha points out that for more than 3 decades, Iran has purchased goods for its nuclear program largely from the shadows. With the Framework Agreement, that will almost certainly change: 'According to the US State Department, one of the agreement’s provisions creates a dedicated procurement channel for Iran’s nuclear program. This channel will 'monitor and approve, on a case-by-case basis, the supply, sale, or transfer to Iran of certain nuclear-related and dual-use materials and technology.' That is terrific news for US companies, because Iran is known to covet US-made parts required for their program, most of which are 'dual-use.'

Comment Re:Problem with releasing an underpowered console (Score 1) 117

Judging by the summary you surely mean: The last gen (X360 & PS3) aimed at 720p native. The current gen (Xbone & PS4) aims at 792p native.


Most PS4 games aim for (and achieve) 1080p, e.g. Knack, COD Ghosts, Assassin's Creed 4, Killzone SF SP, Infamous SS, Outlast, Tomb Raider DE, Metal Gear Solid: GZ.

Not sure what XB1 is aiming for, as in most of the games listed above - the ones that were MP anyway - vary between 720p, 900p & in a rare case, 1080p. TitanFall is the only XB1 game that has that odd-man-out resolution of 792p.

I would say, respectfully, please club things together only when they make sense.

Comment Re: Given Sony's Track Record (Score 1) 151

That isn't the point, though. The point is that this is something I used to be able to play around with and I had to choose between keeping that functionality and letting my kids continue to use it to play all their games. What's next? What if Sony decides to stop supporting Netflix? Or certain niche game publishers? The point of my post was, Do you trust Sony enough to invest another $400 with them?

My anecdotal experience is different from yours - OtherOS wasn't really important to me and I did not mourn its loss. Furthermore, I know enough of the timeline about Geohot's first hack and its OtherOS requirement to understand why they did it (even though I think they should not have done it).

Based on their reasoning, I'm quite confident that they are NOT suddenly going to stop supporting Netflix, and CERTAINLY NOT niche/indie game publishers (in fact, they seem to be enthusiastically courting them, unlike Microsoft who initially seemed to be going the "stop supporting niche game publishers" route you were accusing Sony of).

Therefore, in response to your post, yes, I do trust Sony enough to invest another $400 with them. For now.

Comment Re:I'm still out. Over to Sony I go. (Score 1) 216

Because, you know, retroactively removing features from purchased hardware, suing people who try to work around those restrictions, and leaking your account details through absurdly careless security... that shows real love for your customers, right?

No, but spending the next two years figuratively kissing gamers' asses does.

Comment Re:Lemme get this straight (Score 1) 186

That's vengeance, not justice...

If I understand correctly, then in that case, even the death penalty is a case of vengeance. At its most basic, it provides the victims (or the victim's relatives) a measure of the "an eye for an eye" feeling. It even allows them to sit and watch as a criminal is being killed (going by my "knowledge" of such from movies and TV shows).

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 300

no matter how many Sony fanboys want to claim otherwise, if you take a new PS3 and let it go online, you will be shown ads when the system starts. You may find them "less intrusive" than those on the Xbox 360, but they're there and they're shown by default. I certainly never opted in to them, and they appear now when I start my PS3. Pretty sure it was an update around the time that they removed OtherOS that added them.

No matter what the anti-Microsoft crowd would like to pretend, yes, Sony does the same thing with their console.

WRONG - you can set those "ads", miniscule as they are, to off. Look at this post from CronoCloud. Unless you are being sneaky in saying "a new PS3", which is what a Sony-hater or a Microsoft fanboy (and sometimes - like in your case - they happen to be the same thing) would say :- Whoa! you happened to see an ad ONE TIME before you disabled it in Settings. Same as MS. Yeah right!

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