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Comment Re:Free? Or just open? (Score 1) 572

He said that Apple makes a closed device (iPhone) for accessing an open platform (the web)

It means that by making mobile Safari free from the Apple store like policies gives Apple bonus points. My friend, web has always been free and every OS out there has allowed you to access the web freely. Apple does not get any kudos for it.

We are still comparing the high closed and restricted App store.

They are betting on farmville addicts choosing their (possibly inferior) platform over Apple's because of flash support

You sound like a blind Apple fanboy. There are people who like to play farmville. No problems. It is important for them. Yes. Apple loses those customers just because of it's stupid hypocrisy.

Comment Re:Indian Copyright Bill (Score 1) 192

i am an indian and those exact things (kfc, mcd, malls) make me happy

Am never talking about family hypocrisy. Sure every country has it's negative points.

SO you want to say that it's KFC which keeps you happy? Strange. Humans are meant to be social animals. Esp most Indians prefer spending some time with their family for pleasure rather than going to KFC for same

What I wanted to say that KFC,McD can make you happy if you like it, but unless you have a family, get some time to share your happiness and sorrows with them, you can't be happy for long (valid for most people)

On a side note, doesn't malls make you sick? I mean I have seen/gone to so many malls that now every mall looks fuckin same with same shops arranged in different ways and the hotness of girls who visit these malls keeps on changing.

Comment Re:Indian Copyright Bill (Score 2, Interesting) 192

Also, please consider that what you consider as happiness might not be the only scale with which others measure theirs.

Correct Raj. Having more shopping malls is not a measure of development and progress. More people eating in McDonalds and KFC doesn't make India a happy nation. For India, happiness is mostly achieved by living together in family. You share your success and failures with family and lots more. It's more of a social issue rather than eating in subway or KFC.

Comment Re:But Apple does not provide them (Score 1) 909

Moral responsibility? You fuckin kidding me? Moral Cops? Taliban are also moral cops who makes sure that women are kept behind veils so that the country looks porn-free. Then Afganistan can promote tourism since there is no porn and people would bring their kids too due to this precise reason.

No wonder why nude beaches all over the world are also visited by kids.

Comment Re:But Apple does not provide them (Score 1) 909

Cant believe that someone whom millions of people worship is such a jerk. People are pretty much happy when announces a new gadget, but when it does something like this all those supports turn silent.

Porn isn't bad. You have no right to decided that porn is good or bad for me. It's the people who decide. Is Jobs impotent or what that he finds sex and porn not fit?

Comment Re:Good for them (Score 1) 224

Anyway I think that either the deal fell through as Yahoo found that there is hardly any traffic coming from Ubuntu


Yahoo offered them more.

Whatever say, Ubuntu's strength is community, still there are many people there who are hardly bothered by this change as they can change it with one click. They don't bother to bitch about it.

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