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Comment Re:Pandora and Amazon for me (Score 2) 316

I agree, after being a Pandora listener for about eight years now my stations are very well trained and I get the variety of music I like to listen to. I always used to listen to the plain old radio because if I only listened to my own music collection it was harder to get introduced to new stuff. With Pandora I get the best of both worlds. I can cull out music I don't like, seed in what I do, and still get cool stuff I've never heard of before. I listen to everything from hard rock and gangsta rap to showtunes and Celtic. The single genre stations that come with satellite radio just don't cut it and I find myself constantly switching between stations to find something. As much as I don't really want to pay for it, I really do like Pandora.

Comment The devil you know (Score 1) 312

Who's to say that some other country will do any better? I agree it is a poor move and will likely just end up being abused more against US citizens than espionage. However, it's not like the US is the only surveillance-happy country out there. The UK and China are as bad, if not worse. At least the US is being relatively transparent about their intentions. I doubt you would get much notification if China mandated that all its companies installed backdoors in their products.

Comment Re:Irony (Score 1) 175

Internet service sucks here because most of the local governments here decided to award monopolies to Internet service companies.

That happened to an ex-girlfriend of mine. Happy Valley, OR has an exclusivity contract with Comcast to only allow Comcast to provide Internet service. My ex lived in Clackamas, not in the city of Happy Valley. She wanted to reduce her Internet bill and tried calling the local telco because they had a basic plan that was half the cost of Comcast. The CenturyLink CSR looked up her address and couldn't figure out why they couldn't provide Internet access. Then she realized that Comcast had claimed even areas outside of Happy Valley and that CenturyLink was barred from giving anything other than phone service.

Comment Re: Meh. (Score 1) 175

I expect that soon cable companies will just increase the price of internet service by the amount a basic tv subscription costs and say that basic tv service is "free" with an internet plan.

I lived in a rural community several years ago and they almost did just that. Internet servers was $50 standalone or $40 with cable service. Basic cable (local channels plus some other garbage like QVC and Christian channels) was $6/mo. So I added basic cable and paid less than I would if I had chosen Internet only.

Comment BendBroadband pretty much sucks (Score 2) 175

My in-laws had their cable and Internet service through BendBroadband. They are light users and were still getting overage charges for using to much bandwidth to the point that they had to regulate their usage. I called up BendBroadband and they basically told me "we are a small company so we can't do anything about it". They have about the worst channel selection guide I have ever seen and their DVR is even worse. (Possibly the worse DVR implementation I have ever seen.) I had my in-laws switch to DirecTV with CenturyLink and they never had problems again. In fact, their monthly TV/Internet lowered by about 20% and they got a DVR that was actually useful.

Comment That seems low... (Score 1) 271

I have been in IT for 20 years and I haven't made less than $50K since 1998 as a systems administrator with no degree. This was in Santa Rosa, CA just north of San Francisco from until 2004 until I moved to Portland, OR. The trend has continued up here, too. It just seems to me that anyone who is making less than that, say $45,000 would just get a pay increase to the minimum and continue to be worked 50-60+ hours a week. Anyone making less than $45K is probably help desk and doesn't really have the same overtime requirements that server admins, network admins, and developers do.

Comment The logic probably goes something like this... (Score 1) 80

GK: We don't need to do anything apart from just stop him entering the room.
OSX: No, no, leaving the room.
GK: Leaving the room, yes.
OSX: Alright?
GK: Right. Oh if if if uh if if uh if uh if we oh... if oh.
OSX: Look it's quite simple. You just stay here, and make sure he doesn't leave the room, alright?
GK: Oh I remember, uh can he leave the room with us.
OSX: No No No No. You just keep him in here and make sure h...
GK: Oh yes, we'll keep him in here, obviously. But if he had to leave, and we went with him...
OSX: No wait, just keep him in here,
GK: Until you or anyone else
OSX: No, not anyone else, just me
GK: Just you
OSX: Get back.

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