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Comment Re:doest sound like.... (Score 2) 64

Seriously? You really own DVDs that are 1080P? Can I buy one? I'll understand if you want to hold on to them all since they will be worth so much some day. If you are upsampling your DVDs when you rip them, you are waisting time. As far as your PC not being able to play them back, you have bigger configuration issues (Maybe you're running Windows?). I have some HD-DVD and BluRay(hooray linux on PS3) rips that are 1080p with 5.1 AAC and they all play back without issue on my Intel 7500 2.2Ghz Core 2 Duo Laptop with Nvidia 8400GS without using VDPAU. As far as the ATI GPU based h.264 decoding. I believe the 3200 will be compatible, but that won't realy matter until ATI gets XvBA fully functioning and the acceleration support (probably via the VA-API XvBA backend) is worked into one of the media players.

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