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Submission + - Palau to Create 600,000 km2 Shark Sanctuary 1

pickens writes: "Shark fins are a lucrative commodity on the international market where they are bought for use in shark fin soup so with as many as 100 million sharks killed every year around the world and half of the world's oceanic sharks at risk of extinction, the President of the tiny Pacific republic of Palau is announcing a ban on all commercial shark fishing in its waters protecting about 600,000 sq km of ocean, an area about the size of France. "These creatures are being slaughtered and are perhaps at the brink of extinction unless we take positive action to protect them," said President Toribiong. "Their physical beauty and strength, in my opinion, reflects the health of the oceans; they stand out." Although Palau has only 20,000 inhabitants, its territory encompasses 200 scattered islands, which means that its territorial waters are much bigger than many nations a thousand times more populous. Matt Rand, director of global shark conservation at the Pew Environment Group says about 130 threatened species of shark frequented waters close to Palau and would be likely to gain from the initiative. "Palau has recognised how important sharks are to healthy marine environments, and they've decided to do what no other nation has done and declare their entire Exclusive Economic Zone a shark sanctuary," says Rand."

Submission + - Google Sends Cease and Desist to Android Mods (

An anonymous reader writes: LWN is reporting on the fact Google have send a cease and desist demand to CyanogenMod one of the most prolific Android dev's around.
Specificaly this seems to relate that he does not have permission to distribute Google apps (Maps etc..) even though there for Google devices which are already licenced to use them.

Submission + - Company Sues Bank for $588,000 for Failing to Prot (

mambosauce writes: "The Washington Post Security Fix reports Patco Construction is suing Ocean Bank for failing to stop fraudulent transfers. Unlike retail banking users, businesses do not have the same reimbursement policies against fraud. This is not the first case this year, as back in July a school sued ESB bank for over $440,000. The reason this new suit is interesting, is because it questions whether the bank adding additional security questions actually satisfies the FFIEC requirements for multi-factor authentication. I do find a lot of authentication systems stupid and useless, but should that make banks liable for businesses falling for phishing and getting infected with malware?"
Wireless Networking

Submission + - SPAM: How Could iPhone MMS Crash AT&T's Network?

itwbennett writes: "AT&T has said it is already seeing 'record traffic during peak hours of the night' with just the users selected for testing and so it is 'very nervous' about the spike in traffic that it expects will occur when it launches MMS service for iPhones on Friday. Of course, setting records for MMS traffic isn't that great a feat considering that 'the service in question has been out for years on other handsets and hasn't exactly taken the mobile world by storm:'

In 2008, MMS made up just 2.5 percent of all messages sent from phones worldwide, meaning about 97.5 percent were SMS text messages, according to ABI Research. ABI expects the MMS share to grow to just 4.5 percent by 2014.

However, the carrier's fears in one respect may have been justified, says ABI analyst Dan Shey: 'Interoperability between carriers has always been an issue, and that's why MMS usage hasn't really taken off.'"
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Submission + - Yahoo Tracking me? 1

ashraya writes: "In the recent times, everytime I login to Yahoo! from a new location or computer, Yahoo will reject my userid and password, even if they are correct, and prompt me again for the same, along with the captcha. Only if I get the captcha right, I get to login. Once this is done on a computer, I can login without the captcha everytime. This is not cookies, since I clear the cookies everytime I close the browser, and this behaviour is not repeated — this happens only when I change systems, and try it from a PC from where I have never logged on.

How is Yahoo! tracking me? Why? I provide the userid/password correct, it should log me in irrespective of my location, or is there any other reason?


Submission + - SPAM: What to do about bandwidth hogs?

alphadogg writes: "InTown Suites, a low-cost extended-stay living chain, had a problem with users of file sharing applications who were consuming all of its network bandwidth. Based in Atlanta, InTown Suites has 139 properties around the country that use T-1 lines to link to a Cisco-powered virtual private network. InTown Suites provides its guests with free high-speed Internet access, but the bandwidth was being gobbled up by users of file sharing applications. "We were having issues with guests file sharing using applications like BitTorrent and LimeWire," explained Stephen Bell, Director of IT for InTown Suites. "We would have one guest who would be file sharing, and that file sharing application would make so many connections that it would saturate the bandwidth on our T-1 and affect every other guest at that property."

Here's the story of what they did to address the problem."

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Submission + - 55 Million in Phone Charges From Default Passwords (

mambosauce writes: A few scammers from the Philippines hacked into PBX servers around the world to rack up 55 million dollars in charges according to Security Fix . The group resold the hacked accounts using call centers in Italy that advertised cheap international calls. Not only did the scam last 3 years before they were caught, but it was done entirely by hacking PBX systems with default passwords. If you run a traditional or VoIP PBX and you don't change your password, this could and probably will happen to you.

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