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Comment Re:User error? (Score 1) 36

The battery packs do have thermometers. While I haven't seen this specific design, it is industry standard practice to incorporate negative temperature coefficient thermistors (NTC's), which allow the charger to detect battery temperature. The battery charging circuitry would definitely be designed to stop charging the battery when it is hot.

The problem is most likely caused by faulty battery components (separator), or manufacturing impurities (particles in electrolyte) or poor process (damaging separator during assembly of the battery cell).



Volvo Introduces a Collision-Proof Car 743 sends along a story on Volvo's upcoming crash-proof car. The company will introduce a concept car based on the S60 this month at the Detroit Auto Show, looking ahead a few years to the goal that by 2020 "no one should be killed or injured in a Volvo car." The concept car will have forward-looking radar as a proximity sensor, and the ability to brake if a collision is imminent. When the car senses a collision, a light flashes on the windscreen display along with an audible warning. If the driver doesn't act, the car will brake automatically.

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