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Journal Journal: MS attacks google?

the thought just came to me, and it's something I guess a lot of other people have come to already.

I like Google. it does a good job. But, it is just another company, like the rest. I like the way it came about, the way it runs, and the OS it depends on.

I wonder when, how, and even if MS is going to attack it?

Google will prove to be a most capable opponent of The Microsoft, in it's latest venture: Search Engine technology. My assumption, is that microsoft is going to do what it always does in the face of competition... Attack.

I wonder if Google has considered this as a possibility, and I wonder if it is even *a* possibility. There are known hacks, and exploits in google, of this there is no doubt. The best way to get people to consider a new search engine, is to provide one which is better than one which is bad. So, is it possible for microsoft to, through it's typical means of dirty-games, "make google bad"?

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Journal Journal: Another Day, Another Dollar

Blah. Another one bites the dust.

Dropped $38 between beer & dinner, some McEwans Ale and my favorite pulled pork from Tangelos.

Oh, and Darvocet. Praise be to darvocet. It's numbing the pain in my finger.

Spent most of the day working on the drilldown-subscriptions replacement. Fun with xml. I need to get into the xml dom, and loop through the bugger so i can repopulate/expand the tree during document edit phase. I need to finish this wednesday, because it's taking too long.

I guess i'm just waiting for the shoe to drop. The whole layoff thing is still lurking.

Still don't know if I'm going to KC to do battle with the Kana/Interwoven folks, but I know it's something that has to be done. I'm really getting violent about this BS. Kana's probably got a great product, as does interwoven. Interwoven doesn't seem to be nearly as arrogant as Kana, so i tend to cut them a little slack. but Jesus. Kana's IQ product just does EVERY damned thing right out of the box. It smells the air, and tells you if it is going to rain, for God's sakes.

How many layoffs didn't have to happen? All of this money just tossed away, thrown to this company promising some panacea, some kind of one-stop-fix-all for our corporate data problems. Yeah, granted, i can empathize with the mangagement. They were told "here's a wad of cash, now go find us a product that does XY and Z all at the same time".... it just DOESN'T work that way.

The same people that can't figure out how to work MS Word are making multi-million dollar decisions based on how much ink is on a 3-pane foldout product brochure. Ridiculous.

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Journal Journal: 16 DEC 2003

More c. Wheeeee. Good excuse to go to bookstore. I've been puting this off long enough.

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Journal Journal: 14 DEC 2003

Pah. I guess I'll never put ms bashes in here. I figured I would, but why would I want to spend more of my precious energy and time on it?

Woke up at 7:30 to the sound of rain. Shit. My jeep's rear window is screwed up, so i guess i'll have to get up and make sure the jeep isn't flooded.

What do i find? I find a front door wide ajar. Wendi stumbled into the house, drunk (perhaps, but i'll assume - ladies night out. what else is a lady to do?) She didn't close it all the way, and the wind blew it open.

All cats accounted for. All dogs accounted for. No harm. But the cops did show up. Donna, the neighbor, is very paranoid, it seems. But she cares, which is good.

Oh, and they caught saddam. That's good news, i guess. I wonder if they'll put him in the same cell as Manuel Noriega?

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