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Comment Not "The" Device but "Your" Device (Score 4, Insightful) 417

The real issue here is whose device the kid wants to play with. He doesn't want to play with *his* fisher-price (or other) Toy, he wants to play with *your* laptop, because he sees *you* using your laptop. The kid wants attention, not the toy. Put the laptop (or whatever) away, and get him involved with something you can both do together.

Having two boys, ages 2 and 4, I know that they do not want their daddy to pay attention to his toys, rather, they want daddy to pay attention to *them*.

Comment Dedicated Readers Doomed? I don't think so (Score 1) 255

"Some believe that dedicated e-readers are doomed in the long run to lose out to general-purpose devices such as the iPad" -- Not so fast. I specifically bought the mid-range Sony reader *because* it is a dedicated reader. They have trumped Amazon, and B&N with simplicity, specificity. I can swipe back and forth between pages just as if I was reading a book. I can read *way* more formats than the two other (main) vendors devices support. Does tethering to my computer bother me? Not in the slightest. Being able to download (ONLY FROM the vendor's store) over 3G wireless seems like more of a tether, to me. You're locked in, and that's just the way they like it. The sony I have has two memory slots, a DUO and a standard SD card slot. I can shove ~90 gigabytes of books into this thing (at present).

But that's enough of the features. You can read the specs for yourself elsewhere.

My point about the Sony dedicated reader is that it does it's job, it's simple job, better than the other readers. It's much like a Un*x program: small, specific, perfect for the job at hand. I want to read a book. I don't want to surf blogs, or play games, or fiddle with facebook. I can do that on my Evo. I can do that on my laptop, or desktop. Hell, I can even do net-based things on my Fios tv-box, now.

Comment Mmmm Good (Score 1) 519

I bought one of these Unicopies about 8 months ago. I had torn through 4 cheapie-dell keyboards, their $14.00 variety, in the preceding few months. Crap. They felt great for about a week, then, bleh. Rubber.

The sound from these M-clones is amazing. It really lets my coworkers know that I mean business. It also lets them know that their shitty typing skills could use some improvement. I wear noise-canceling headphones, so the Click-Boom is muffled, if not totally eliminated for me. The poor bastards to my left and right can suck it down, get some Bose or Sennys.

Coming home from work, I end up on my Thinkpad. It's a difficult transition, from loud to quiet.

The thinkpad has a great keyboard, similar, I think, to the M. There's a definite resistance on the keys. I buy thinkpads solely because of the Kb & trackpoint.


Journal Journal: MS attacks google?

the thought just came to me, and it's something I guess a lot of other people have come to already.

I like Google. it does a good job. But, it is just another company, like the rest. I like the way it came about, the way it runs, and the OS it depends on.

I wonder when, how, and even if MS is going to attack it?

User Journal

Journal Journal: Another Day, Another Dollar

Blah. Another one bites the dust.

Dropped $38 between beer & dinner, some McEwans Ale and my favorite pulled pork from Tangelos.

Oh, and Darvocet. Praise be to darvocet. It's numbing the pain in my finger.

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Journal Journal: 16 DEC 2003

More c. Wheeeee. Good excuse to go to bookstore. I've been puting this off long enough.

User Journal

Journal Journal: 14 DEC 2003

Pah. I guess I'll never put ms bashes in here. I figured I would, but why would I want to spend more of my precious energy and time on it?

Woke up at 7:30 to the sound of rain. Shit. My jeep's rear window is screwed up, so i guess i'll have to get up and make sure the jeep isn't flooded.

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