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Comment Re:Anyone want to translate this into dummy speak? (Score 1) 78

hehe, I have trouble looking at the changelogs let alone the code :). I guess ignorance is bliss, I was thinking openssl was a nice simple protocol that made everything 100% secure. It's nice living in my bubble where nothing can harm me! :). P.S. I always thought the arc of the Covenant was in AtheOs. :P

Comment Anyone want to translate this into dummy speak? (Score 3, Interesting) 78

Is this a remote exploit? Does this mean my client can be overrun if a server throws me a bad packet or two? I guess my other question is, how can the most utilized utility on a system still have unchecked overflows? It has to have been audited about a trillion times? Please help, half assed linux admins want to know!

Comment How about a JS backend? (Score 1) 519

Something like node.js, narwhal with wsgi or ringo.js? On a really basic level, coding the front and backend in the same language has really saved my little brain quite a bit of frustration, especially when I'm using plus's to concatinate in php and dots in javascript. I work with node and know that a properly architected event driven server can be wicked fast (not just fast, but WICKED FAST!). There is quite a bit of middle ware available and why not work with mongodb in the backend to create a perfect trifecta of javascript? node is really simple to setup and test with apache bench (ab), narwhal and ringo took a bit longer for me (I was trying to run them in google apps engine though). Curious what you end up going with.

Comment Lets not get hung up on one word. (Score 2) 240

If the word "supercomputer" wasn't there, the article wouldn't be modded up. The point of the post is otherOS++. It's great to get the capability to run linux again AND be able to go online, frag some friends and get all your personal information stolen. Supercomputer, probably not, super cool hack, for sure!

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