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Comment Javascript performance (Score 3, Informative) 284

My javascript performance comparison between Firefox 3.6 and Chrome and Safari

As usual, Firefox performance on the v8 benchmark is pathetic where Chrome is more than 10 times faster.It is 24% faster than version 3.5.4 in V8 but it is clearly not enough. In the sunspider test, chrome is 2 times as fast as firefox. In this test, 3.6 is 17% faster than 3.5.4. Safari too comfortably beats Firefox in both these benchmarks

Submission + - Mozilla Firefox 3.6 Released 2

Shining Celebi writes: Mozilla has released Firefox 3.6 today, which adds support for Personas, lightweight themes that can be installed without restarting the browser, and adds further performance improvements to the new Tracemonkey Javascript engine. One of the major goals of the release was to improve startup time and general UI responsiveness, especially the Awesomebar. You can read the full set of release notes here.

Comment Re:Wha...? (Score 4, Informative) 251

I'm not current on development for the Mac, but I've heard that multiple processes can't share a single window in OS/X.

Do you happen to know how Chrome works around this, or is this not an actual limitation?

I'm not a mac dev and what i'm posting here is gleaned from several svn log entries. So it might be wrong and inaccurate :). The chrome architecture is that there is a main process which handles the UI and there is one process per site which is launched but do not handle the UI. In Mac, the one process per site works but if you open up Activity Monitor you will see that the additional processes are shown as "Not responding" though in reality they are.

What is happening here is that OS-X expects the additional processes to respond to UI events and since they don't mark them as "Not Responding". Two solutions have been proposed

1. have dummy code which responds to UI events to keep OS-X happy
2. Rip out the Cocoa code from the additional processes which will make OS-X not expect the process to respond to UI events.

Comment Re:Wha...? (Score 5, Informative) 251

I have been following chrome for mac development closely on my blog with weekly updates. Here is a list of the functionality as of Build 17426
What Works

* Almost All Websites
* Bookmark pages
* Most visited sites
* Open link in new tab
* Open new tabs
* Omnibox
* Back, Forward, Reload
* Open link in new window
* Drag a tab to make a window
* Launch new tab
* Cut, Copy, Paste
* Keyboard shortcuts
* about:version, about:dns, about:crash, about:histograms
* Find in page
* History with search
* Form Fill
* Delete Thumbnail in New Tab Page
* Window Positions Remembered
* View Source with synatx highlighting and clickable links

What Doesn't Work

* Plugins (No flash -> No youtube)
* Bookmarks Bar
* Print
* about:network, about:memory
* Web Inspector
* Input methods such as Kotoeri (Japanese)
* Preferences (Partial implementation)
* Full Screen Browsing
* Favicon (thanks brin)

Comment Re:Safari does clean up after itself. (Score 2, Interesting) 200

Anyway, chrome beta is coming on nicely and hopefully I will be able to ditch safari for good. [Firefox is my main browser but I do need a second browser].
I have been keeping track of mac chrome and in the last two months it has become quite stable and only thing missing is flash. Some here would even consider that a feature.

Submission + - Debian to Replace GLIBC with EGLIBC (

mallumax writes: "Debian has decided to replace GLIBC with EGLIBC primarily due to hostile maintainers of GLIBC (mainly Ulrich Drepper). The EGLIBC is a variant of the GLIBC which stays source and binary compatible with the original GLIBC. It has better support for embedded architectures, Support for building with -Os, Configurable component, Better testsuite for optimized or biarch packages and a stable branch with fixes for important bugs.This might be the start of an exodus from GLIBC and its fate is atrting to resemble that of Xfree86. The abrasive attitude of GLIBC maintainers has been source of much criticism but this is the first time that a mainstream distribution is willing to abandon GLIBC, which is one of the most vital components of any distribution."

Submission + - U.S. Declares Public Health Emergency Over Swine F (

mallumax writes: "American health officials on Sunday declared a public health emergency over increasing cases of swine flu, saying that they had confirmed 20 cases of the disease in the United States and expected to see more as investigators fan out to track down the path of the outbreak. Other governments around the world stepped up their response to the incipient outbreak, racing to contain the infection amid reports of potential new cases from New Zealand to Hong Kong to Spain, raising concerns about the potential for a global pandemic. The cases in US looked to be similar to the deadly strain of swine flu that has killed more than 80 people in Mexico and infected 1,300 more."

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