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Submission + - Linux Magazine Team Quits, Launches New Profit-Donating Mag

An anonymous reader writes: What happens when the editorial team of the biggest-selling English Linux magazine get frustrated? They leave their company, and start a new one. Most of the writers behind Linux Format have jumped ship and started Linux Voice, a social enterprise magazine which will donate 50% of its profits back to the community, and freely license its content under Creative Commons after 9 months. They're running a fundraiser on Indiegogo with already a quarter reached. Will this shake up the whole publishing industry?

Comment Re:Ironically... (Score 1) 159

sure, but there is always a time that precedes the knowledge of the sale.
if you want something during that time you just buy it full price (if you deem the price right).
the parent actually stated he is less likely to buy some kind of product again if he experiences the disappointment of a full price purchase somewhat close to a sale.
this can be true of just about any product, more so downloadable games which seem to be constantly on sale on rotation.
following that logic you eventually should stop buying everything.

Comment Re:Steam (Score 1) 230

Since almost no games get released sans DRM of some type, you may as well get over it, and choose the one that's the least evil.

A growing number of independent commercial games are released multiplatform (win,mac,lin) and with no DRM whatsoever.
Frictional Games, Basilisk Games, 2D Boy just to name a few publishers.
I am beginning to make it my policy to avoid DRM entirely.

Comment Misleading story (Score 1) 375

TFA is misleading as well, but the italian article it refers to actually says that those under investigation are members of the Major Risks Committee itself.
What transpired is that the Committee was pressured by the government to give false reassurance *in spite of* indication of serious danger.
The documentary Draquila gives a good account of these events.

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