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Submission + - Sourceforge websites down (

An anonymous reader writes: A large number of Sourceforge subdomains and projects have been offline for over 24 hours. No word from Sourceforge as to the cause of problems and denial of service. Sourceforge is a Slashdot Media site, and a sister of Slashdot. Is Sourceforge still relevant in today's open source community, or is this the last gasp of a failing museum?

Submission + - Engineers: Guilt over automating? (

irving47 writes: So, we've go a story on the front page of slashdot as this is submitted... Hostess has an investment in automation for the Twinkie line, and drastically reduced its work-force... We've also recently seen the pizza-bot here... And there are others like burger-bots, and even just the ordering kiosks at McDonald's... I realize this is not a 'new' topic, and can be applied to numerous scenarios. I'm curious, though, how many engineers have withheld ideas for improvements that would cut jobs. Or even deliberately ignored avenues of automation that would likely work, telling management it wasn't possible, after being assigned a the task of automating a task now possible to be automated, thanks to emerging technologies.

Submission + - Why Google Stores Billions of Lines of Code in a Single Repository (

An anonymous reader writes: Google proves that distributed version control systems can't replace centralized ones. The centralized approach to source control has served Google well for more than 16 years, and today the vast majority of Google's software assets continues to be stored in a single, shared repository.

The Google codebase includes approximately one billion files and has a history of approximately 35 million commits spanning Google's entire 18-year existence. The repository contains 86TB of data, including approximately two billion lines of code in nine million unique source files.

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