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Comment Latency (Score 1) 94

IDK about everyone else but the main reason I don't use Bluetooth for audio is the latency. It's better but still not good and will never be == 0 ms. One place that I thought I might try Bluetooth 4 on was a super mobile DJ setup for house parties. I had some Bluetooth 4 speakers and a RCA to Bluetooth 4 transmitter. The problem is as a DJ you listen to the next track and try and match tempo but the speakers will always be super delayed in comparison to the headphones that are hard wired. I am use to audio delays but I couldn't think of a trick to correct this as the delay fluctuates. People have similar troubles when they try to connect a TV through Bluetooth where the lips don't match with the dialog. Bluetooth is great for someone that just wants to play audio in their car or at the pool but thats about it.

Comment Re: This (Score 1) 229

McAfee is an admitted drug abuser So are a lot of us, that isnt really a character flaw by itself. potential murderer Belize has never followed up with the charges and somehow his house burned down after he left. I suspect there is more to the story than we know but my suspicions lead me to believe their is corruption involved that Belize would not want to surface if they pressed the case. and admitted to sexually abusing young teenage girls (sorry, he admitted to screwing a 15 year old but legally it's abuse). Were they 15? I can't find anything that lists their age. Anyway Belize age of consent is 16 and under to 14 is a misdemeanor so even if they were 15 it doesn't seem to be a big deal especially given that 14 year olds can marry there. The drug use for himself is fine, but there are also hints that he was trafficking and selling. Not quite so fine when we go there. They have to be procured from someone; last time I checked drugs were illegal to manufacture or use in many countries. He was also feeding drugs and alcohol to those same teenage girls so that he could bang them. Citation? Trump abused his wealth to steal people's property on numerous occasions using cronyism to get the Government to abuse eminent domain. He flaunted US bankruptcy laws for personal gain. Anecdotally we have reports that he used illegal immigrants as indentured servants in hotels and on construction sites. Okay, he's not out giving drugs to 15 year old girls to get them into bed, but using wealth to strong arm rob people of private property is how much better? Actually I would say it is much worse as I suspect those girls (it seems Mcafee is a crazy party animal after a good time but that doesn't mean he is forcing anyone to party) could leave at anytime in contrast to the indentured servitude.

Comment Re: FUCK OFF DICE (Score 1) 696

Huh? When did I ever claim we were the same? Oh you mean some general rhetoric that you think I am party to. Hey dumbass I am my own person with my own opinion. I don't need to group in with anyone. You don't know me and obviously are not taking the time to understand what I am saying. I personally feel like the world does not need to cater to you and as such you need to take life by the reins and make it your own. This applies to everyone. I don't feel like their needs to be anything done to equal out gender distribution but recognize that different people and different sexes can create diverse code that might solve problems in new ways. It isn't that hard of a concept to understand.

Comment Re: FUCK OFF DICE (Score 1) 696

Actually no. Programming is the imaginations of humans spelt out through mathematics and logic. I am not talking about making optimal code I was talking about new realizations to solving problems. Solving the same problems in another language or faster is not always necessarily all that important except that this reduction allows accomplishments unachievable thus affording new imaginations to wander where we have not tred. The more people we have of different schooling and emotional approaches provides more solutions. When all you have is a hammer then everything is a nail. I am not saying magically more women in CS makes for a better field, just refuting that they contribute nothing. This is why I stressed everyone is different. We all solve problems differently. Some of us obsess over them which provides the concentration needed at times but at other times derails our self. Some of us walk away and bike ride, lightly reflecting and waiting for a Eureka moment that might never come. Likely, most of us do a mix of these strategies. Do you think women and men are not on average emotionally different? Collectively, differences provide more opportunity as we are casting the net wider.

Comment Re: FUCK OFF DICE (Score 1) 696

While I agree we shouldn't try too hard to even the genders in coding, saying that females coders bring nothing to the table that men bring is nonsense. The sexes on average approach problems differently. Neither is inherently "better", they both have strengths and weaknesses. This brings diversity to projects. Even if men only coded with other men and women only with other women humanity would benefit. With mixed teams we can lean on each other to offer refreshing perspective. Again, this is in averages. Every person is unique.

Comment Re: Aliens (Score 1) 269

I understand that it was written by man but it is claimed that the Lord spoke through them. If He is the alpha and omega why would he let his authors pen something wrong? The genealogy of Christ has two conflicting accounts. The genealogy of mankind is wrong. The approached these topics as if they knew what they were talking about yet they seem to not understood. Now after many inaccuracies, the Church is taking a more hands off approach yet the existence of life doesn't match the facts. Regardless of my own beliefs, it seems more and more a fictitious tale than a book of knowledge and enlightenment.

Comment Re: Aliens (Score 1) 269

Did you read your first hit Google link? It answers none of the questions I raised. A better link avoids the whole question all together by taking no stance until life is found. The problem with that is the Bible speaks as though it was written by the all knowing yet does not seem to know anything beyond the sciences of its written age.

Comment Aliens (Score 1) 269

Is there a real stance on aliens from the Catholic Church other than "we don't know". How does the end of the world work out when there are other life forms? Does all of the universe end at once? What lies beyond the universe and does it escape this fate? It doesn't seem plausible that humans and ET live together on a bed of clouds and the more that we discover it seems that animals that we share this Earth with have more feelings and awareness than has been credited them. How is it then that humans hold dominion over them? The tenants just don't seem to match up with current knowledge and appear to be written from a mindset of ignorance. I truly don't mean this in a negative way. It just seems as though the more we learn the harder it is to accept the Bible. Everything seems to indicate that "God" thrives on logic. Jesus refutes the temptations of Satan through logical discourse, ancient Hebrew practices of draining the blood of animals and cooking off bacteria is sound advice, and loving each other brings forth a prosperous existence. Why then are there so many falsifications or errors in the Bible? If the scriptures are written from the word of God then he seems to be in the dark or at least enjoying leaving the rest of us in it while warning us of our eternal dam nation if we guess wrong. That doesn't seem like a God of logic.

Comment Re: Critical thinking skills (Score 0) 283

Agreed. It is about selecting appropriate content to complete the task. We teach students to research in which they are collecting data and reaching conclusions after weighing the evidence. The same approach should be applied to other problems. Someone may have solved the exact same problem you are looking to solve but often we need to look at multiple approaches and selectively piece a solution together either from partial solutions or from the insight provided through other problems that may abstractly relate. If the test can be solved on the first hit then the test is the problem.

Comment Re: Procrastinators dream (Score 1, Insightful) 283

I agree and disagree. There is a point that memorization is beneficial but just like multiplication tables after a point it is wasted effort with an unlikely return. LMGTFY is a huge modern skill lacking in many. Is it bad that kids in a programming class are pouring through stackoverflow to get the answers to the test? How many programmers here tweak Google searches in such sites as a normal occurrence of their day? That is cheating in the eyes of a school. So yeah, playing games all day is a distraction but when your test questions can be found by Googling who is at fault and how is that not 'learning'?

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