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Comment Re:Food for thought (Score 1) 783

Oh hell, back in the '70s I got stopped and my car searched for drugs, the justification being that it was raining and one of my rear windows was open. They determined that this meant I was venting pot smoke. The actual reason was that the damned window didn't work and I had to get to work, I was 17 years old and my car was a POS. But even after proving that the window didn't work, they searched both inside and in the trunk, including console, glove box, etc. This didn't just start last year, it's been going on for a long time. Just ask any grown man who was once a teenaged male driver.

Comment Re:The haze is white in the city, violet from afar (Score 4, Interesting) 165

I grew up in the hills of southern California in the 60s. That was before much had been done to improve air quality. We had the most beautifully colored sunsets back then. Of course, some fool had to go and ruin it all for me by explaining the fact that all those amazing colors were sinister poisonous gases and not some awesome gift of nature. Then one day I flew into LA and down through a cloud of nasty brownish gray smog that made me want to hold my breath until we landed. So much for the magic of childhood.

Comment Sounds like a damned good idea to me! (Score 1) 143

I have always hated interviews because all you are doing in most is trying to make instant friend-like connections with the interviewer, who more often than not will judge the interviewees on things that have no effect on competency to perform a given job description. Many of them even create little lists of "deal breaker" mistakes that have not a damn thing to do with how effective someone will be on the were their shoes shined as well as they could be? Was their tie annoying? Were they wearing a cheap watch, even!

If I am looking for a good technician, I don't care about his or her handwriting for instance - they are going to use an automated reporting system. I don't care about the particulars of what colors they wore to the interview - we are going to provide a standard dress code for field technicians. But in the company I used to work for, the HR people were definitely NOT persons with a technical background, they were geared towards sales and they all hoped to transfer over to sales or customer training positions. As a result, a good many of the candidates that I, as Systems Division Manager, finally got to interview were very nice, polite, cordial, and mostly incompetent for the job they would have to perform.Don't get me wrong, people skills are important for this job, but mostly in the area of keeping your cool and just being patient with stressed-out customers. It took me months of arguing to finally convince the owners of the company to let me do the initial screening prior to our little HR department, once I got the changes I wanted, the HR people could simply not believe that I had chosen the candidates that I did. But, finally, I got people who could actually perform the job requirements.

I would have given up part of my paycheck to have had an automated simulation in place that could effectively test people for the aptitude and skills they possess!

Comment Re:Science loses again (Score 1) 409

@artor3: thanks...I have no problem with cynicism for a reason, but I am sick of cynicism for it's own sake. And for the record, I didn't vote for Obama...I voted for republicans or independents in the past several elections, because I keep hoping for constitutional conservatives. Instead, I keep getting gut-punched with crap like the Patriot Act.

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