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Comment Re:Unable to Control != No Heat (Score 1) 432

This is exactly what happened. A medical device refused to work, claiming it was too cold. I went to check the thermostat and it wouldn't function. I checked the mobile app and it said that it had lost connection with the Nest 5 hours earlier. I plugged it into USB for about 1/2 hour so that it had enough of a charge to startup the heater.

I had considered hot-wiring the HVAC behind the Nest panel, but my HVAC has protections against that.

It's a little too bad the USB port isn't external so that I could attach a charger to it while it was still on the wall.


Submission + - Living Earth Simulator will simulate the entire wo (

MrSeb writes: "Described as a “knowledge collider,” and now with a pledge of one billion euros from the European Union, the Living Earth Simulator is a new big data and supercomputing project that will attempt to uncover the underlying sociological and psychological laws that underpin human civilization. In the same way that CERN’s Large Hadron Collider smashes together protons to see what happens, the Living Earth Simulator (LES) will gather knowledge from a Planetary Nervous System (PNS — yes, really) to try to predict societal fluctuations such as political unrest, economic bubbles, disease epidemics, and so on. Orchestrated by FuturICT, which is basically a consortium of preeminent scientists, computer science centers around the world, and high-power computing (HPC) installations, the Living Earth Simulator hopes to correlate huge amounts of data — including real-time sources such as Twitter and web news — and extant, but separate approaches currently being used by other institutions, into a big melting pot of information. To put it into scientific terms, the LES will analyze techno-socio-economic-environmental (!) systems. From this, FuturICT hopes to reveal the tacit agreements and hidden laws that actually govern society, rather than the explicit, far-removed-from-reality bills and acts that lawmakers inexorably enact."

Comment Re:'cool' power users should like usability and ea (Score 1) 798

>> 'cool' power users should like usability and ease of use

I do. Thats why I avoid Unity.

Unity gets in the way. It takes way to many actions to find and launch something compared to gnome 2.

I completely agree. If I wanted an Apple interface, I wouldn't have been using Ubuntu.

And they obviously have done 0 regression testing with multi-monitor setups. Your have an app in monitor #3 and the menu for it is in monitor #1? They have no clue what usability means.

As new releases come out, I do whatever hack is necessary to disable Unity. Once I can no longer do that, Ubuntu is gone.

Comment Re:Thoughts. (Score 1) 527

I agree. One thing that people wouldn't normally think of is that she really shouldn't censor herself in it. A filtered and washed down version is not going to be as valuable to your kids as being able to see into what someone really thought.


Submission + - Plastic electronics factory gets funding

ukhackster writes: Flexible electronic displays which can be rolled up like a newspaper sound like something from a Sci-Fi film, but they may soon be commercial reality. A UK company had won $100 million in venture capital funding to build a factory to create components for e-paper and e-displays. The BBC has a video (access via this page) which shows prototyle e-paper products in action. They certainly do bend. But will early adoptors, such as Slashdot readers, be prepared to pay premium prices when they can just sit in front of a monitor?

Submission + - Ionic Wind - Chillin' the PC

Iddo Genuth writes: "A new type of ultra-thin, silent cooling technology for processors is being developed by Kronos Advanced Technologies in collaboration with Intel and the University of Washington. In two years, this new technology might replace existing cooling fan technology in laptops and other portable devices, making them more reliable and far quieter."

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