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GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - FSF Announces New Statement on Web Services (

mako writes: "The FSF just announced the results of a meeting it held on software freedom and network services. They have announced the creation of a new group called to follow up on these issues and the publication of the Franklin Street Statement on Freedom and Network Services" which lays out a set of recommendations and guidelines for protecting freedom for software as a service."

Submission + - Seth Raphael Wins James Randi $1m Challenge (

makohill writes: "Recent MIT Media Lab graduate and "High Tech Magician" Seth Raphael today took up James Randi's million dollar challengeg to demonstrate paranormal or psychic abilities in front of a packed crowd at MIT. And Seth did it! Randi wrote over a check for $10,000. The rest of the $1,000,000 will be transfered upon verification. I saw it this morning with my own eyes and the video was just posted by Seth's old research group.

For those that won't watch the whole video. It's a great high-tech magic show and, after the check is handed over, Seth and Randi reveal it was a elaborate April fools joke."


Submission + - Call Printer Makers To Turn off Tracking Dots (

makohill writes: "The EFF has been talking about tracking dots in printers for some time now. What we didn't know until now is that when people have asked the manufacturers of their printers to turn off the spy dots, they were ratted out by their printer makers and subsequently paid a visit by the secret service.

In response, the Computing Culture group at the MIT Media Lab is organizing folks to call in to their printer manufacturers to complain about the dots and to demand that they are turned off. If we all stand up together, the secret service can't visit us all. The whole story and information on how to call in is online at Seeing Yellow."

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