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Submission + - Fully electric cars for DIY garage hackers

An anonymous reader writes: Electric vehicle enthusiasts have been building and converting standard gas-powered autos into pure electric vehicles for some time now. While conversion information has been available, a new web based community has emerged to help support the electric vehicle movement and welcome in new who are people thinking of converting their own vehicles. This web forum provides features which merge current knowledge with new discussion topics. Its long term goal is to provide a central location of discussion and information which will bridge the gap across the spectrum of EV owners.

Robert Green, founder of the site, stated, "I've always been very into the concept of zero-emission vehicles. After seeing 'Who Killed the Electric Car', I started checking sites on the web to see if there was sufficient information to aid people in converting their own cars to reliable fully electrics. I spent a considerable amount of time looking for information, but had problems easily finding solutions. I decided to take action and put together a site that will bring organized information to the masses."

Comment YUCK! (Score 1) 136

One more nail in the coffin of creativity. However I believe that this system was already created in a more free (as in beer) form... I think they called it the blues. Everyone uses the same three chords and just comes up with their own lyrics.

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Journal Journal: FP

first post!

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Journal Journal: My first journal entry...

It seems like they always go like this. And yet for some reason I feel the need to start evey fresh step the same way. Every time I travel I eat the same breakfast, an egg sandwich. But after all, I AM a strange fellow.

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