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Comment Re:Competition is good (Score 1) 521

For your sake, I'll agree and assume WGA is bad in all aspects, but why does one component of the OS package automatically make the entire OS bad?
WGA isn't just "one component of the OS package" it has become the flagship feature of Microsoft's operating system. A feature that demands legitimate customers obtain permission from Microsoft to run their software. A feature that serves no purpose other than to allow Microsoft complete control over a product that customers have paid an exorbitant amount of money for.

It is designed solely as a "time bomb" to ensure Microsoft can cripple computers, hold user data hostage, to ensure compliance with forced upgrades and nebulous, unnecessary license restrictions on how many times you can replace the video card in the computer infected with this crap.

I could use the same argument and say that iTunes uses DRM therefore it is bad software
This is entirely different. The iTunes software supports media encoded with a form of DRM. An iTunes user can use the software without ever encountering the DRM. The analogy would be a freeware DVD player. This DVD player also "contains" DRM in the sense that it must decode the DVD. It does not however mean the application uses DRM.

The iTunes Music Store does use DRM. That would be the appropriate outlet for derision in this case.

or that linux does not support my ATI graphics card features therefore it is a bad kernel
This has no relation to the preceding examples.

Windows Chief Suggests Vista Won't Need Antivirus 361

LadyDarth writes "During a telephone conference with reporters yesterday, outgoing Microsoft co-president Jim Allchin, while touting the new security features of Windows Vista, which was released to manufacturing yesterday, told a reporter that the system's new lockdown features are so capable and thorough that he was comfortable with his own seven-year-old son using Vista without antivirus software installed."

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