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Comment Re:About bloody time (Score 3, Interesting) 148

I'd disagree about Le Show, but that's beside the point.

I understand that people like CT, but my local NPR (opb.org) pays to play them twice a weekend. I know from listening to other NPR affiliates across the country over the 'net that there are some seriously good programs available for broadcast - programs that I suspect would even cost *less*.

My NPR affiliates love to brag on the diversity and alternative voices that they provide to the community, but on weekends they spam me with nothing but Wait Wait, Praire HC, Car Talk and Michael Whoever's show. Few of those are terrible on their own merits, but the opportunity cost is disgraceful.

Things have gotten marginally better over the years, but the weekend is a wasteland of chuckleheads. Every time the local NPR station brags on diversity I roll my eyes and think that I've always been able to listen to re-runs of CT twice a weekend but they've never broadcast a single episode of Tavis Smiley.

I get their point - they're more serious than the fart-sound morning shows and more diverse than the honkey-trash christian country on other stations, but that should by no means be the hurdle by which they judge themselves.

I'd seriously like to see a report on what is being paid for programming and what programming was turned down when the pledge drive comes around. I've always suspected that two lesser-known informative shows are passed by in order to chum the weekends with hyena talk.

Comment Re:About bloody time (Score 4, Interesting) 148

I guess you can tag the parent Flamebait, but I think it serves a valid purpose. Not everyone loves the show. Some people are sickened by the thousands of hours of perfectly good broadcast time that are wasted on the hyenas in question each week.

To quote Harry Shearer, whose Le Show followed Car Talk at the time, "Memo to the Car Talk guys: Stop Laughing."

Comment Re:Password manager? (Score 1) 339

I use and highly recommend LastPass + Yubikey. Gives me multifactor authentication and every site has its own individual, huge, strong password.

This has the added bonus of giving you an exhaustive list of every single account you've got. That, added with the fact that you can tag the stored credentials as being in different groups, makes rotating the subset of credentials that are most sensitive convenient enough that you can do it monthly if you'd like - it takes me 10 minutes tops.

Comment What can we do? (Score 1) 662

It's a pity if Mass has archaic laws that prohibit what should plainly be a fundamental right.

The questions I'm left with are:

1. What states have these archaic laws
2. What movements can I support in those (if need be, in MY) states?

All hyperbole aside, those are important bits of information. If they've already been provided, please forgive me for missing them in the haypile. If they haven't, I'd very much appreciate anyone who can provide info - I'm absolutely sick to death of these backward law enforcement laws and I know that this type of thing is something that eventually will not be dealt with by the general public in a rational manner. See London.

Comment Re:iTunes + Airport Express (Score 1) 438

I can second this - I have three Apple TV's and four Airport Expresses in the house and can easily mix & match speakers across the whole property from the back yard to the garage, bedrooms and bathrooms. Controllable from any computer, iPhone, iPod Touch or Apple TV in the house (including guests' iPhones).

Comment Re:Pleased DX Owner (Score 1) 263

I received my DX a week ago now and am extremely pleased with it. PDF support is just fine - no zooming, no linking, no embedded video or HAL 9000 conversations either. It's fine for the PDFs you think it's gonna be fine for and likely not as fine for the ones you're suspicious about. Yes, symbolic stuff like math notation displays just fine - just not at microfilm resolution.

No, it won't zoom much - get a notebook if you want that. It's essentially a sheet-of-paper-emulator that the media has mistaken for a notebook. So if you'd expect to have to squint or hold the paper closer to your face on an economy-mode print of that PDF, expect the DX to struggle with it. All very common sense IMO.

This is a book reader that was made in the year 2009, not a holographic tricorder from 2020. It's primarily aimed at people who are satisfied with the written word in quantities exceeding the size of your typical AP story and who can sit quietly and just read for more than 30 minutes at a shot. Every dissatisfied Kindle review I've read tries to interpret the device in terms of the writer's politics (looking at you, DRM nuts) or some flashier gadget category, which has just reinforced my suspicion that reviewers are ADD children who just don't do much reading.

Comment No surprise to the married ... (Score 2, Insightful) 347

Seriously, in your brain your wife is a very complicated entity that's backed with a serious amount of information. Where you sat on your first date? That (hopefully) subtle look on her face when she can't stand her friend's conversation matter?

Might be more interesting to see how much you 'love' someone you actually despise but know very, very well.

Unless you have a horrible marriage or are a child, your marriage is a unique thing to your brain. Comparing it to your feelings for Angelina Anybody is just a little different than comparing it to your feelings for your driveway pavement (unless you're delusional ... another result I'd love to see).

Feel free to tell me to RTFA, I skimmed :p


Submission + - Government databases, so what?

makisupa writes: "Sorry folks, I've lost my firm grasp of what it is exactly we're all knee-jerking in fear about when governments start databases of this or that lately. Okay we wake up tomorrow and the government has a comprehensive database of our children ... or a database of video from a huge network of CCTV records from public places. I know this is inviting the tinfoil hat people out of their hillside caves, but what's the big deal? What are the scenarios we fear? What threats to they pose? Can they be ranked by potential threat?"

Comment Re:Still... (Score 1) 859

My anecdotal experience is that the Home Depot specials simply suck. I've purchased 6 over time and have seen each of them burn out faster than the plain ol' 100-watters.

And don't get me started on the outdoor ones ... I live in a moderate climate that rarely dips below freezing and I've seen the 2 outdoor CF's I've tried fail in less than a year.

I'll also be sticking with 100-watt bulbs.

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