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Comment Re:that's because youve never worked in a library (Score 1) 584

I am an IT admin of a library and i agree with you 100 percent. 80 percent of all people here at my library that i work at who view porn on the adult machines is child porn. we have had many people reported to the police because of child porn. We have drug users smoking in the bathroom also. Drunks openly drinking in the library. For everybody else if you want federal money the library HAS to filter all computers. its a requirement. So either this library has denied this funding or will lose their funding for not filtering the adult machines.

Comment Re:Temperature Measurement (Score 1) 570

IF you live in the NYC area in the summer brookhaven national labs gives tours of the rhic (its down in the summer because power is more expensive in the summer) . they show you the magnets and the detectors and tell you how the rhic and lhc work (bnl is a partner on the lhc and is the main hosts for the US and distributes the lhc data to the other universities in the US). You can actually talk to the scientists who work on the rhic and who have worked on the lhc. its pretty cool and free.

Comment why is this news (Score 1) 570

Is this just to remind people the lhc exists? The rhic does this all the time. Yes the lhc does it at higher energies but does it with less dense materials. They are pretty much trying to reproduce what the rhic has done to verify its findings. All the scientific articles i have seen actually are more about how the rhic and the lhc work together on heavy ion collisions then replace each other . Does anybody know what replacing the gold ions in the rhic with uranium ions will do in the rhic that it could not before?

Comment JFK was an emergency landing site. (Score 1) 246

NASA has offices in NYC. The shuttle will be housed indoors at the intrepid museum if they get it and it would fiot because JFK . Also One of the atlantic rescue crews is hosued off of long island. Also the fact that grumman who helped significantly with the Space program is on long island near nyc why not have a shuttle at the intrepid?

Comment Re:Not NTC: KSC, Houston And The Smithsonian Inste (Score 1) 246

HUH ? Why do people who have no idea what They are talking about state things like they are fact ? I bet you didnt know that NASA has offices i nNYC, The united nations has its ofices here (There were astronauts from other countries also). JFK was one of the shuttles emergency landing sites. They could ship the shuttle by barge to nyc and make it easy to transport. Would be a lot cheaper and safer then by jumbo jet.

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